Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My virtual nails.

Okay so we are not actually allowed to paint our nails. Technically! The MedTech intern coordinator in our laboratory actually said we are allowed to paint our nails. ONLY NATURAL THOUGH. And I was like...ARE YOU EFFIN KIDDING MY NAILS? So now I decided to paint my nails. Ha! Nope. I WISH!

I like the principle of that MATTE BLACK AND BLUE thingy. Although my nails would probably look unhealthy with that on. Nails should be a little shiny and stuff but it's kind of scary to look at it mattified like that. But I still think it's gorgeous and would definitely try it SOON. I also love the principle of that violet thingy. The black portion. I wonder what's on the THUMB though. The PINK LEOPARD IS JUST SO TIMELESS. I want!

Aren't they SOOOO pretty? Honestly, I haven't done so much artsy nail stuff but I definitely WILL. Probably when I go to Japan or something. THEY DO ALL THE COOL STUFF THERE. Might be a little expensive though. But it's good to get pampered. Probably once a month or whatever. DEPENDS ON THE LEVEL OF STRESS. Mind you.

I think this is so CUTE. I would definitely get one of this SOON. As much as I wish to get it now, we all know that NAIL POLISHES aren't the best investments because they have a tendency to be of different consistency as time passes by. It's either they DRY UP or they become THICKER and then kind of hard to APPLY.

LOVE! I like the shape of her nails as well. INTERNSHIP = SHORT NAILS. Actually, my classmates from other hospitals have nail polishes on so I'm thinking I can do the same once internship two starts. Hopefully the hospital I'll be in allows such. I mean, what's wrong with having nail polish on? Does that change the result of the tests or does that lowers the blood count of the patient and stuff? NOTHING like that. SOO high school, eh? But of course! NOTHING BEATS SIMPLE NAILS.

Maybe I can actually rock that NUDE LOOKING THING. But thinking about it, ugh I don't know. I love how nail polishes can actually accessorize our looks and all that. It spices up everything a little bit. 

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