Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Guess what? I'm ready to show my Shoop collection! :)

And I'll show them to you in the order I got them. Of course! All courtesy of my auntie. Thanks tita (auntie in Filipino). :) Me loves you so much!

As you can see from the bag, Shoop's logo is like that. It's like a girl with an afro hair, long and thick eyelashes, pouting lips, a big earring, and a mole. Or at least that's how I would describe it. Pretty awesome, huh? YUP.

This one is kind of special since my auntie gave one to my cousin too. We're like twins! LOL. What I don't like about this bag is that it doesn't have a stopper on the zipper. So if you're careless, there's a big chance that you're gonna open the whole thing. Do you get what I mean? :/

The so-awesome jacket that is very awesome. LOL. So redundant. Seriously though, this had helped me survive the freezing temperature of UST mezzanine's main building. And I like it because it's cut is not your regular jacket cut. It's kind of longer and gives the look of a dress. Which I really really like.

I like! It's actually kind of wise as a hand-carry bag for travels and stuff! :)

 :) I also got the more minute and more colorful version of it. Too fancy!

I also got this wrap-around bag. I think this is pretty cool for a go to travel. Like, not really far, not too near. Just right. LOL. The next thing I got is actually a bag strap/pendant. Check it out on the link.

The most recent that I got is this T-shirt. :)

To be honest, I've only used 3 products out of all of this. Just like my perfume craze, I tend to finish/get tired to one scent before using another. Why is that so me? I don't know. If you haven't heard of Shoop (if you're at least in Japan), it's kind of a party clothes store where they sell kind of daring outfits and stuff. Don't forget to check out the sales girls! Pretty awesome get-ups (always).

So yeah.

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