Friday, 29 June 2012

Internship blues.

I don't know if I told you about my internship schedule but it really is crazy! :) Crazy in a good way. But we can't always avoid bad times. We just have to deal with it! However, yesterday was my last night duty for the next 7 weeks. Why? It's because yesterday was the last night shift of my post now and then my next 2 posts wouldn't have night shifts and yeah, that's basically it. And it gets better! Because The last post on that 2 posts wouldn't have Sunday duties too! AWESOME, I know, I know! So to kind of commemorate it, we had a little music video making. But I'm not sharing it that with you yet. LOL not yet done editing! Haha I will probably share it once it's done.

And we also had a little photoshoot! :) That I'm ready to share! LOL. 

This is the second batch of group mates I had. Why second batch, you ask? Because the first batch's 2 members are on that next 2 posts that I'm gonna be on for the next 6 weeks. So yeah, basically, no night duties for them. I'm gonna be out next. :( But I'm quite excited! 

Thinking about it though, TIME REALLY FLIES SO FAST. Just like that. I've already been to 3 posts, and there's like 4 more to go before INTERNSHIP I ends. It feels like it was just yesterday.  

First batch! :) The other two members, I'm gonna be with when I'm already on my last post. 

I actually didn't know any of them personally before internship but we're like all super friends now. Talk about anything, laugh about anything and yeah. But we do have our serious times as well! And that's what kind of makes us all friends. It's not just about the good times. :) We also have to be there for each other during low times.

Yesterday was also very kind not to give us a lot of things to do so we managed to fool around and do take pictures! :) And yeah, shoot videos and stuff. I'm gonna miss night duties! 

Night duties usually is nothing like these things. Usually we hurry for the emergency room's requests and all that. Not to mention STAT requests. Typing the results as well. So I don't what happened yesterday LOL. NOT COMPLAINING :)

I will miss eating at the pantry during midnight! It's just extra special during night times. I mean, taking a break from everything is nice once in a while. 

So yeah that's about for this update. :) I hope you guys are doing good.


  1. Great post! Personally, I'm really impressed! I love the way you write your blog!

    1. Awesome! Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. :)


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