Friday, 29 June 2012

Away We Happened. Reaction.

I knew about this web series is because I am a huge supporter of YouTube stars and all that and I happen to be a subscriber of both Victor Kim and Jen. Well, of course! WONG FU PRODUCTIONS! :)

Here is a picture of the guys. Man, they're hilarious! And cute! :)

So going back to the series, it was some sort of an interactive story telling where people sent in their thoughts of what they want to happen next and all that stuff. Like, at the end of each episodes, there were hanging questions and yeah, I think they kind of considered that to be part of their story line and stuff. But all in all, I liked it. But it was a little bit short. Like, I want to see some more! MORE VICTOR KIM PLEASE! LOL.

So it all started when both DANIEL (Victor Kim) and JEAN (Jen) got the wrong bag in a coffee shop. They sort of have the same bag so you know the story, grabbed each other's bag and not their own and they were not able to notice right away and stuff. And then Jen had to fly to L.A. for a job interview I believe and then Daniel had to follow of course and then the story goes...

If you want to watch the whole series though, they have it all here. :) Awesome! 

The flow of the story is kind of simple but it doesn't give an impression of "just another story" feel. I mean, you know what I mean yeah? Although it's kind of weird as well that they kind of fell in love with each other quite quickly. But that happens! AWAY THEY HAPPENED! LOL.

My favorite scene is when Jeremy told Daniel this line "SECOND CHANCES ARE HARD TO COME BY. MAKE IT COUNT." Wow! I'm pretty impressed that I didn't have to re-watch that part to get the exact quotation! Good job, self! And I agree! 

I really liked Jeremy's attitude. At least he tried. :)

So that brings me to kind of conclude the essence of the web series. Our cellular phone/smart phone really changed everything. I mean, it's not everything that there is, but we can't deny the fact of it's impact to our lives right now. I can't say exactly or confidently that our lives are better. But it's probably more convenient and I know you'll agree. :) Or our lives are probably better. I don't know. 

Did you like the web series? 

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