Sunday, 17 June 2012

Big Bang's Monster MV. Review.

Let me just talk to you about this for a while. I kind of like it so it's not that this post will be very offensive or whatever. Truth is, I kind of like Big Bang so I might be a little bias about this thing. But not by lot. I promise.

For some reason, I don't know what happened to Big Bang or whatever but THERES IS NOW RELEVANCE to the title and the music video! WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT! I like it much! :D The reason I'm saying it is you remember their song TONIGHT? Like, cars crashing and dropping from nowhere kind of thing video? Yup that one. Of course there are more. And I can't afford to name them one by one. 

The next thing I want to talk about is how ridiculous their hair look. Like, seriously. Who thought of their hair and decided it to appear like that? Of course there's still a relevance and all that but. Seriously? Decided to go with the hair instead of the face? Mmm...interesting eh? But seriously this is not just a topic. This is a serious stuff we're talking about right now. Like, really serious stuff.


Daesung's hair is okay. I mean, it's something like a mushroom or is it? And his other hair is just a messy hair look. WHICH IS FINE. I have no comment or rather bad comment about his hair. Let me just say that he really looks good BLONDE.


Can I just not say anything and stare? Oh...TOP. You look so good! How can someone be as perfect as you are? YOU'RE A MONSTER INDEED. SERIOUSLY. READY TO DIE?  OMG.


Okay, so there's this horn on GD's hair. Okay. It's kind of confusing though. Is he some sort of a mutated unicorn or what? OR MAYBE, he's not that MONSTER-ISH that the angels some sort of saved him from misery and just left him with one? Other theories? Help? Ooops...DIE.


I don't know what to say. I'm really confused by this hair style. It seems to me that some one places a saucer on the top of his head and shaved all that is left. Sorry but it doesn't fit you, SEUNGRI.

Just an interesting fact I saw on the internet. I actually tried to solve the formula on Seungri's forehead before I bothered searching it on Google.

Seungri:N+3xRX. N is the fourteenth alphabet,R is eighteenth alphabet,X is twenty fourth alphabet。 14+3×18×24=1310,1+3+1+0=5=BIGB­ANG. 

GD:9Ae-7331 9Ae=915,915 7331=-6416,-6+4+1+­6=5=BIGBANG. 

Daesung:BNFz 03s4 b=2,N=14,F=6,z=26,s=19 (2+14+6+26)x(0+3+19+4)=15 1x5=5,5=BIGBANG



Seriously? ... Seriously? ... ??? WHERE AM I? No offense, but is he the monster they're talking about? Okay, to be fair, it's not the most ridiculous hairstyle I've seen in my whole life (nearly it is). Who did this kind of thing to him? I actually find his old hair ridiculous enough to start with.

So, I was really serious watching the music video for review, right? BUT EVERYTIME I TRY TO, I just can't concentrate with his hair making me kind of lose concentration and all that. Okay enough of the hair now... SERIOUSLY TAEYANG? Okay okay...That's all I have to say for this video.

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