Sunday, 13 May 2012

Team Andi!

Not because everybody's taking side about the issue. But because I really feel like she's the victim in the situation. I don't know her personally and there's no way I would know the whole story. But from what I know, and what they said, I therefore conclude that I'm TEAM ANDI. 

From the reports, it was said that Albie used to beat her up and all that.  Why would he do that? OMG! 

Andi might be wrong or whatever but she's a GIRL! And GIRLS shouldn't be beaten up WHATEVER HAPPENS. If all that had been said is true, I am questioning Albie's gentleman-ness. Like, big time. And Andi had been really crazy about him if she managed to stay in love or whatever. A little stupid actually. I mean, really? Really?

I watched her interview on The Buzz and she actually was very jolly when she answered questions that were quite sensitive. And I actually watched with my cousin that time. She was questioning Andi's sincerity and all that but I actually take that as a way to tell everyone that she made it through all that fvckery. Alive! (for reals)

Just now, I watched Rated K and actually saw her baby for the first time. Very cute little angel I must say. So yeah! Team Andi!

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