Sunday, 13 May 2012

Payphone music video.

I have no idea what's the relevance of the video to the song. Well, except the fact that there is a pay phone of course. Well, the scene of the new Maroon 5 music video is that there's like a robbery thingy and the hot office girl and Adam Levine somehow managed to escape. The thing is when Adam Levine stole the gun from the gun man, he too is being a target of the cops. Is that a representation or something? Enlighten me please. One more thing is that the girl kind of disappeared and I don't know where she is really. But I'm sure that it was Adam who asked the girl to kind of be separated to him. MAYBE! The music video is a representation indeed. Like, getting out of a chaotic relationship together (holding hands) and managed to. But at the end of it, when there's like too much complications already (cops chasing them) they go separate ways. And the guy have to suffer more so it's just him that's being chased by the cops. Is that it? IDK. Maybe.

From experience, if the gun man asked you to get on the floor or something, do so! And for him to actually do otherwise is just questionable. I'm not sure whether the suspects will actually hurt him/them for actually following their instructions. I don't know.

But maybe it is indeed something deeper. And for that reason, I approve!


  1. I didn't understand it. But I don't think that they went seperate ways. At the end of the song, he was probably calling her to make sure she was okay.


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