Thursday, 24 May 2012

More stuff from JAPAN!! :D

So these are what my sisters/auntie gave me as a present! SO BLESSED TO HAVE THEM. :D

Random stuff! :) I love randomness.

Some phone stuff! Love the "M and S" ear phone plug! <3

Stickers! Can I just say that I used to collect stickers as a child? What did you collect as a child?

Make up! Victoria Jackson compact make up thingy is love! It looks like a walkie-talkie though. Hahaha might do a review on it in the future.

Baby Shoop thingy! My auntie is a big fan of Baby Shoop and she kind of already gave me a lot of Baby Shoop product in the past. Might do a separate post about it soon! :D I love their bags! OMG.


AWESOME! RIGHT? I'm so excited to actually use this. Although I am really a novice when it comes to sewing and stuff! I don't know what to do first with it though. Design my handkerchiefs perhaps? Mmmm....

Shorts and a jogging pants :)

Interesting looking bag :D Love it! 

Some Melon Caramel :D


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