Wednesday, 9 May 2012

MAC Satin Lipstick. A review.

MAC Satin Lipstick's formula is really smooth and awesome when applied. It's not like those formula that's like when you're applying it, it sort of stops in the middle kind of formula.


This is what I hate about it. I actually have TWO tubes in the same colour. But since I got these as a gift, all good! I don't have much MAC products but I guess there's nothing very fancy about their packaging. Like, really. But it's all good. I actually watched a couple of April Favourites video awhile ago and someone from the bunch mentioned that if you're product is really good, you don't really need some fancy packaging which I guess is applicable for MAC. I mean, their packaging is not that trashy. It's actually quite simple yet classy.

FAUX 9D141 is actually kind of nude when applied. Or maybe that's just because of my yellow undertone or whatnot. My lips are not yellow of course! Hahaha. It's not that crazy nude kind of colour. It's actually like the colour of my lips alone. Maybe with a nice gloss, it's colour will come out more! :) Also, as you can see, the colour is really buildable so I guess that's a nice thing too. But of course, it might be nicer if the colour is like probably pink or red or you know.

I wouldn't say it's my favourite lipstick but it's actually not bad. But not that good either.

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