Friday, 11 May 2012

Sweet tooth?

My cousin and I are the biggest fan of sweets! Name it! LOL. So we kind of decided to make a desert out of Graham crackers. It's kind of a popular recipe. But for some reason, I feel like we're the first one (two) to kind of discover the real goodness of it. (WTH?)

FRESH MANGOES FTW! We actually kind of underestimated the fresh cream so we have to add another box and kind of transfer the mixture of shredded mangoes, fresh cream and condensed milk together in a new bowl as you can see.

Please take note that we are nowhere PRO. So please bear with us. *actually, we are.*

Quite a lot of layering happened. Like, 3-4? I could only guess.

No! This is not a nursery for seedlings or something. LOL. It's actually crushed Grahams that you're seeing right now.


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