Thursday, 2 February 2012

Should I Text First?

Ever wondered who should initiate the conversation first? May it be a call or a simple text? I say, it depends on who wants it more. I mean, if you're a girl, I guess it's alright to initiate the conversation once in a while. But don't be too eager to talk to a guy and be like that annoying girl that guys talk about every time. If you're a guy, you have nothing to lose believe me. Do it! Talk to her. 

Why do girls tend to initiate the conversation first?

1. We really like the guy.
2. Because if we don't, you wouldn't anyways (you guys are douche like that).
3. We want to say something.
4. Some girls just want someone to talk to.
5. We are bored.
6. We care. 

Why do guys tend to initiate the conversation first?

1. They really like the girl.
2. They want to flirt.
3. They are bored.

My advice therefore:

Girl, it's okay to talk to a guy first. But! be sure that you're doing it in moderation. I understand that you want your presence to be felt and you want to know that you care but if you're doing it too much, you're gonna make the guy feel that there's no need for him to talk to you first since you're always the one doing it anyways. If they get used to it, it's a big problem girl. I guess that if you really want to know your worth in that guy's point of view, give it a break. If you're really of any importance, that guy would take some time in his oh-so-not-busy-day to say even just a 'hi' or a smiley or whatever. That guy should at least wonder if you're still breathing and what happened to you for not sending him a message for that day and stuff. Know your limits.

Dude, if you think that it's okay for you to feel superior and kind of just wait for a girl to message you every time, hold on a second right there brother. We girls get tired too. And you might be surprised how easy we get tired. If we feel like you're not making us feel like we're important enough for you to say even just a 'hi' then if there's another guy who can make us feel like we are important by sending us a message or whatever first or just to prove that he's better than you in lotsa ways or whatever, you're in real danger my friend. I'm not saying that we girls tend to change guys easily but believe me or not, we know when a guy treats us trashy (some girls develop this superpower later than the stupid level but they still got it). So you want to be careful.

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