Saturday, 4 February 2012

Proven to thicken eyelashes!!

So I've been watching different "How to Apply Fake Eyelashes" videos on YouTube when I suddenly thought why not grow my own lashes? So then I tried "How to Grow Your Own Lashes" and bam! PETROLEUM JELLY! Although hesitant at first, I tried it. It was amazing!!

I didn't notice anything on the first day and second day but on the THIRD DAY! Ok, it might seem to you that I am over exaggerating but my lashes kind of grew. I don't have any solid proof or picture or whatever. No one actually told me it grew longer but I felt my lashes poking in my eyes. It hurts. If that's not a proof to you, then I don't know what is.

Most of the videos I watched suggested that I use Vaseline but I used this

I also cleaned up my mascara brush from the mascara which I'm not using anymore (mainly because it's violet and it dried up anyways).


1. I heat up a small amount of petroleum in the cover lid (I don't literally put fire and stuff). I just kind of mix the small amount of petroleum in a circular motion.
2. I apply it (usually at night)(don't forget the lower lashes)
3. Done.

Give it a try! You know, it's probably all in the head but I don't care. We all need that extra confidence right?

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