Thursday, 25 September 2014

Possessed? Scary Story.

This might come across creepy but then who cares? Just want to share the times where I thought I would die in my sleep. Like, there have been few instances when I feel helpless and couldn't move my body. I swear there were a lot but these are the few that I can recall. 

The Black Cat. Now for some reason, I know what was going on and I even think I am awake in this one. More often than not, I can actually control my dreams and most of the time, I would know whether I am dreaming or not so yeah I am positive that I was not dreaming. What happened was this cat was kind of acting like a dementor and taking my soul out of me. Literally. Then I floated while lying in bed. Like even to the point when I can see myself floating in bed, eyes open and my soul continuously getting out from it. I couldn't move and all that and yeah. I remember waking my sister up and all that but nah. Then I snapped back to life and I went to her bed and hugged her and all she asked "bad dream?".

The Elf. Same thing happened with the elf. But not as extreme. This is just a case of sleep paralysis. Like I couldn't really move and I wasn't floating or anything. But you know, 'not being able to move' is not as minor as you think it is. I swear I thought I'm gonna die that second. I tried to wake my sister up and asked her to go near me and when she did, I was able to move. 

The Old Man. This happened very recently. On my new apartment. This scared me a lot because I have no sister to save me this time. This is I think more of a dream though. I don't know. Anyways. What happened was, I couldn't move my body and stuff and when I look beside my bed, there's an old man lying beside me. I don't even know who that man is. Like, when I would open my eyes, he would disappear and when I would close it, he would reappear. Crazy!! 

I don't know whether it is normal to experience that. I heard some people die in such a way. It's like creeping me out seriously. I hope this would stop. Anyways, see yeah! 

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