Saturday, 20 July 2013

Religion? Meh!

1st, I have to say that this really pissed me off yesterday. Well I have been pissed off more than yesterday but let's just forget those right now. Okay so I am in Cavite right now but yesterday, on my way here, this is what happened. We actually don't go by car whenever we go to Cavite so we have to experience the busy streets of Baclaran to go to another terminal and so yeah.

Okay so my cousin told me or asked me to go to church with her on Sunday since that's time we're returning to Manila so yeah. I then agreed because I haven't really been there and I also wanted to check the place out and somehow say my prayers and so yeah. 

So we were walking, right? I never liked Baclaran because it's so crowded and not to mention, dangerous. So I would like to walk as fast I can. And then I don't know what happened but I was walking kind of slower and then someone stopped me and he introduced himself as brother something. And I already told him I won't buy but then he was like, I'm not selling you anything. I'm giving it to you for free. And I was enlightened because come on! Who doesn't like free stuff? Even though I was a little bit skeptical, I took what he gave me. And then he also stopped my cousin who's walking a little ahead of me. So then yeah. He gave the same stuff to my cousin except he punched his line differently. He said something like, I'm not selling you these stuff. I would just ask some DONATION. I was like, okay. I then gave my cousin THAT LOOK and so she got some coins out of her purse but then something else happened. This "brother" said THE DONATION SHOULD BE 50 PESOS. Uh-huh. I then said and because I'm not sure whether it would offend the "brother" I said my line in somehow a nicer way than how I would normally say it. I asked him why is he asking for a certain amount and that shouldn't' be donation in kind or like unpriced? He said YES (the audacity!) But still! So we returned everything and then it seems like someone's HARD-SELLING the products and he said something like, okay maybe you would like to have even just the bracelet and so I thought that he would just give it because we gave him (well just my cousin) DONATION but then this guy asked for 5 PESOS more. And I was like, I can't take this anymore. My cousin gave her additional 5 pesos anyway and then yeah that happened. Anyways. 

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