Friday, 28 December 2012

From Duty Wonders.

This is when we actually shoot our group presentation for like the seminar intermission thingy. My co-intern was like fixing my hair and all that.

I would just like to share some pictures from like, a month or two ago of our group. Like, we literally had the energy still. Energy to take pictures and all that. Actually, a friend who is an intern from our neighboring hospital actually randomly visited and then lucky for us, we asked her to take these pictures. Oh well. 

My pimple is like ugh. This picture is like all about my pimple. Oh well.

Looking at it, I don't know about you but I am feeling like I'm ready to sing A Whole New World any moment. Hahaha feeling like a princess! Minsan minsan lang naman 'to kaya okay lang haha.

One thing I want to share with you (even though I share a lot of things) is sometimes, you have to praise yourself. Like, for a job well done. On how you look, and stuff. It's always nice to give yourself a little feedback. Yeah? Yeah. Haha palusot lang.

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