Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Simple Line P. Noval.

I've been drinking a lot of milk tea lately. And it's kind of ridiculous how many branches we have around UST alone. Like, three branches.

It's awesome how they display the tea leaves. Green and black tea leaves I believe. Didn't ask the staffs because there are only two of them there. One is preparing our orders and then the one is computing something. So yeah. 

The story is I actually ordered Tapioca Black and then the lady kind of though that I ordered Caramel Black (same as my cousin's) but then I don't really like that since it's kind of a little too sweet for me but then when she gave me the Caramel Black, I said it's not my order but I'll take it anyways. Like, I don't really mind that much but she insisted and made me another one. :D Just sharing.

Some of the benefits of drinking tea. 

I heart milk tea :)

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