Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I'm Bad at Names.

In my first internship, it took me more than a month or so to know the names of my intern mates. And NOW in my second internship where there are like twice or thrice the number of interns, I don't know. I'm not expecting much. 

But I'll try this one time. Good thinking. 

It's really hard for me to like remember names of people I don't talk to and stuff. I remember names of people who are attractive, annoying, and people I like though. I don't know. And those I don't like too. The rest, it takes time. :D Not that I have to know your name or something.

I wouldn't forget the names of these girls though. Here are my post mates :) GIRLS. Like, we're the UST batch minus one. The other one, she was from night duty during this time so yeah. I totally stole it from someone's Instagram so thanks! :)

We will gonna be together till the end so we don't have a choice but to remember the names of each other, yeah? :) That's all.

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