Saturday, 13 October 2012

Tag Answers. :)

I've been tagged by the fab Pink Mommy, and here are my answers to the questions.

1. Do you wear makeup everyday?

- Nope. I don't actually wear make up that much. Not full make up at least. On normal days, I would wear concealer on some concealable flaws and stuff and I would just put powder to kind of set it. But when I'm running late, got no time for that. Just my tinted lip balm and I'm good to go.

2. Most favorite makeup product (only 1)

- I would say concealer. Thank goodness I am not a smoker so my lips are kind of okay without tinted lip balm but that would be my second. Ha! See what I did there? LOL.

3. iPhone or BB (blackberry)?

-  iPhone! I actually thought of buying Blackberry before I bought my very first iPhone but yeah I don't know what happened. No regrets!

4. Favorite body products?

- Since I'm not a morning person and I usually wake up late and got not much to prepare everyday, I got no time to put on stuff on my body but when I do, I just spray with my Victoria's Secret Body Mist. As much as I would like to apply lotion, it actually troubles me that it'll take time to dry and that I can't put on my uniform right away. On off days though, or which I would like to call the "MOISTURE DAY", I actually bother to put on lotion, lip balm, hair mask, face mask, and stuff. Okay this second paragraph is actually irrelevant. LOL.

5. Favorite perfume/cologne?

-  Victoria's Secret scents are really my type. As of now, I'm finishing this. As you can see, I'm running very low of this. Might last me a month or two. I think. Or three.

6. Where do you usually hangout?

- At home. Internship is really exhausting and really sucking the energy out of me so I would just stay home to kind of replenish and stuff.

7. Boyfriend/Girlfriend vs. Bestfriends?

- I have a picture to explain.

8. What/Who are you for the next 5 years?

- A better version of me. Hopefully was able to go to Paris at least.

I actually don't know much about what will happen to me or who will I become by then. Ugh, life. Hopefully I'd be a practicing Medical Technologist by then too. And doing other stuff as well.

9. MAC or Nars

- I actually don't own any NARS and I don't like M.A.C all that much so I don't know.

10. Moisturizer or toner?

- Toner! :) My skin is actually oily so it kind of have its natural moisture already so I don't want to interfere so that might bring back my very bad bad skin again. I actually used moisturizer before and it kind of broke me out. I should have used a moisturizer that's specifically for oily skin though. But whatever. I know it's very important to moisturize but whatever. Will do that soon! Once my skin is full healed.

11. Eyeliner or mascara?

- Mascara. For some reason, well...I actually used to wear eyeliner a lot way back high school but I didn't realize how odd it looked on me. Well not odd. Probably "inappropriate" since I was in high school that time. So yeah. If not for the trouble of removing mascara, I would probably wear it everyday since my lashes are actually short and boring.

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  1. Love it!!! let's go to Paris!!! I wann go there too, BADLY! haha

    thanks for answering :)


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