Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. Review.

So we get to the point like this. I'm not actually good at reviewing books but I will try my best. Of course.

I believe this is the first book that I'll be reviewing here so please cooperate. LOL.

This book is by Haruki Murakami and it's originally written in Japanese and was actually just translated by some genius people. I wonder how accurate it is though. Never you mind.

So...I wouldn't actually go thru the story very much. I actually don't find the book very interesting but yeah, not bad. Intriguing actually. Just a little bit confusing. Or maybe it's just me.

My favorite characters would probably be Lieutenant Mamiya and May Kasahara. Although their roles are kind of different, I can somehow connect better to their roles. But then I also like Cinnamon. Oh well.

If you already read the book, since you're already here, can I get some help or something?

There are just some stuff that I don't understand. The defiling thing which is not described as something physical. I don't get that. Defiling of what? Belief? Something?

Although there are some Fifty Shades of Gray moments in this book, the defiling thing is not actually that kind so yeah, I'm confused.

Like, Noboru Wataya actually defiled his sisters but not something physical. I don't know what that is, really. Noboru Wataya also defiled a prostitute. See? How can that happen? It was said that Noboru Wataya is impotent and he actually just inserted whatever to the prostitute's whatever and the prostitute said that after a long time of not feeling anything physically (sexually) she felt a high level of pleasure that night with Noboru Wataya. Maybe defilement in a sense that she was so used to not feeling anything so after that night that she was able to feel pleasure again, she was defiled? Mmm...

Also, totally shallow, but is Noboru Wataya the cat the same as Mackerel the cat? Where did the cat go?

Is the gift of Honda really empty?

What happened to Malta and Creta Kano? What happened to Corsica? Did Toru Okada continue dreaming about his dreams?

What happened to Cinnamon and Nutmeg? Did Cinnamon only imagined those chronicles or did it really happen?

Oh well. It's relatively a thick book and there are really some parts that are just not so interesting (I think) so yeah. But it's kind of good too. So half-half.

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