Thursday, 13 September 2012


Like, can I just say? I mean. That's it. It's really annoying when I encounter this kind of things in the emergency room. Like, are you effing serious? Well, you're not only wasting your money for the effing emergency room fee and all that unnecessary laboratory tests but you're also wasting our energy.

I don't know if this incident made it to the local news but not so long ago, a nursing student was taken hostage by a hold upper and she was brought to the emergency room because she was traumatized. The hold upper was also brought to the emergency room because he was actually shot in the head by a sniper. I mean, that's understandable. Shot in the head = emergency room. Traumatized = emergency room.

Also, even before that incident, there were two effing careless individual who think they're superheroes of some kind and shot each other helpless and so they both ended up in the emergency room. I mean, that's somehow understandable too because they're both shot but whatever!! I mean, that's just so careless. How dare them shot each other when they're incapable of protecting themselves and stuff.

There was also an incident of electric shock. Even though it's not entirely his fault, he should have been more careful. But his case is understandable.

And all other serious stuff = understandable.

If you're child (below 16) is sick, then it's understandable that you're worried and that if you rush him or her to the emergency room, fine.

NOW! Let's get to these creatures. If you're child is 16 above, and it's just their first day of getting sick, what are you doing in the emergency room? I know you're probably worried and stuff. But seriously? 1st effing day of fever and stuff? WTH! Like, to the extreme.

And then those kind or people have the guts to complain that their case is being ignored. WOW. Just WOW.

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