Friday, 14 September 2012

Seriously. I want.

I know I posted something like "I want longer hair" stuff not so long ago but shizzz. I seriously want. I'm not saying that my post wasn't that convincing before or whatnot but I really have to have this in this blog. For future reference! LOL. I really want my hair to grow this long and healthy! If you may. Because truth be told, my hair haven't grew pass the medium brown part of her hair.

I think having this ombré effect would be awesome for some night outs or whatnot. But definitely not for everyday look or whatever. I love the curls! But you know. My hair is pretty bad already so I kind of don't want to induce more damage to it by straightening and then curling it and stuff.

SOON! So yeah. Just saying. :) Good vibes!

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