Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mind Over Matter.

I always say this on times when stuff aren't so good and when things are kind of difficult for me to handle. I say it when I need that extra confidence.  Situations like introducing myself in front of many people, reporting a topic, reciting in front of the class, and any other school related scenarios that involves standing in front of the class are just some scenarios when I kind of tremble a little bit. But of course, there's really nothing to worry about stuff like that. Almost everyone go through that process.

I seriously don't know if it's a good thing but I also say it when people around me are kind of hesitant to do things that I know they can and stuff like that. Like, it's definitely not my business if someone's afraid to do something or whatever but yeah. I don't know but sometimes I feel like they feel more pressured.

One example was when my cousin, friend, and I were on a job fair and then my cousin was really really really really hesitant to queue for an interview on that company that my friend and I already got accepted to. The thing is she kept insisting that she wouldn't pass the initial screening and that only our friend and I would go to work and stuff like that. I actually wouldn't push her if she's really incapable but knowing my cousin, she actually can do that kind of stuff. She was just shy and maybe lacked confidence that time. But see! If I didn't push her that time, then she wouldn't be with us working on that call center before. I love my cousin so I want her to know that she's more than what she think she is. And that she can do more things than she think she can. And I'm saying it to you too. Yes, you!

If you don't believe me, then that's fine. But then again, whatever. Your loss, not mine.

I don't know. I just think that human beings, in general, are more capable than they think they are. Sometimes I think that there are just so many factors that hinder human beings to reach their full potential. I don't why, but for some reason, I think people are always kind of like that. They kind of think inferior of themselves which I truly believe they're not.

I'm no exception though. Yeah, you already know. LOL. I usually remind myself that I should be more than what I think I am. I usually chant "GRACE UNDER PRESSURE. MIND OVER MATTER." countless of times when I have to condition myself and stuff. I don't know. It just works. It's all in the mind, yeah. All the fears and stuff. They're just all in the mind. If they can, why can't I? I mean, if another human being can do it, It's just logical to think that since I'm a human being, I too can do it. Something like that.

If you think you can't, just always think that you can. Always think positive! If you're gonna think that you can instead of can't then for me, there's a higher chance that you'll actually be able to do it.

"What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve."
                                                              - Napoleon Hill

I guess my point here is that we should be in full control of what we want in life. Let's just not think of things that we know will just make us weaker and less of a person. Less of ourselves. If we want something, we should work for it. What's stopping us? If we don't want to do something, make sure we really don't want that. Not because we're afraid, we're influenced not to do so, and stuff like that. If it's for the better, then why are we afraid to do it? If it's gonna make us happier, then why not do it? If it's for the common good, then go. But after thinking about it so many times and we still don't want to do it, then don't. I am not convincing everyone to actually follow my principles in life but that's just how I view things. Have a nice day! :)

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