Friday, 31 August 2012

Peau Belle Concealer. Review.

I had this concealer since last year I believe and I've been using it ever since. I like it. It feels kind of light and yeah kind of velvety when you're applying it and stuff. My mom bought it from Japan but judging from the name of it, it doesn't sound like it came from Japan or something. I actually didn't bother to clean the tube. So yeah as you can see, it's pretty messy. Oh well. LOL. I actually never heard of this brand  before or whatever but yeah.

I  don't know if you can see it but it costs 300 yen and that's a pretty good deal for such product and stuff. And it's made in Taiwan. I'm confused right now. Anyways.

It comes in a gold kind of packaging. The packaging is not bad but nothing really special about it either. It comes with an applicator stick and it's really pretty easy to apply. What I do is that I put a little product at the back of my hand and warm it up by mixing it a little bit there and apply it to my problem areasssssssssssss so yeah. It's kind of easier that way than to actually apply it directly to the problem area and to kind of blend it there. I don't know.

It's takes quite a long time for this product to dry so you might want to dry it first before you apply another layer and stuff. It's a medium coverage concealer but you can add another layer or probably layers to achieve a fuller coverage.

I've actually used this concealer as a foundation quite a lot of times too. Just because it really feels good on and stuff. Luckily, I haven't had a problem with it or anything so yeah.

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