Friday, 24 August 2012


I know you might think otherwise but Cassiopeia is actually a fan club for a Korean boy group DBSK/TVXQ/TVfXQ or whatever. I used to really really really like them until they decided to disband or something. Which is sad.

My friend Kim actually introduced me to this band. I mean, not literally. LOL. I watched their music video Mirotic and yeah, I was attracted to Kim Jaejoong's abs. Who wouldn't be? Then that's it. I started watching their dramas and variety shows. Everything. Almost.

For all you non K-pop fans, DBSK (as I still would like to call them) is now down to two members. Yunho, the leader. And Changmin, the youngest. Well, I wouldn't discuss why they disbanded and stuff but let me just say that I like the other three members better. Like, now and then.

I'm just gonna share a picture of me with some merch.

Yeah, those were the days. These are from Japan. They were pretty big there. I mean, they're still big there now. Separately though.

I got the Mirotic CD from friends on my 18th birthday. Thanks guys! :) Still! And the calendar and poster thingy came with the CDs from Japan I believe. Or I don't know. I actually gave the poster to Kim. :D

And as always...


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