Thursday, 19 July 2012

Day off! :)

Fun Monday! :) Went with mom to the mall to have her hair done. Oops! Went with my cousin as well. I bought some other stuff but I bought the stuff under on my own money so yeah, only took the photo of that stuff.

My mom  actually took my eyebrow razor so I got one again and then I run out of lip balm so I got this Nivea Soft Rose. I'm gonna do a review of it later on. I'm just trying it some more to see if my first impression will last and stuff. BTW, I don't like the razor much. Gave me small cuts. 

Also! Had late lunch with my cousin. 

It ruined my diet. Like, for reals. I think I had two cups of rice that time. LOLs. But anyways. It happens. And it's not like I do eat that much every single meal. I know. Hashtag EXCUSES. LOL.

This is how I looked like that day. My dark circles are really getting worse. MUST SLEEP PROPERLY.

My cousin trying to give me my share of that thingy. 

We also had Coco Fresco like a little while before we went home. I had this before and I must say it's pretty good. The thing about it is that I can't seem to like the whole serving of it. For some reason, I feel like a little goes a long way. But whatever. It's actually shake and my cousin actually told me that she just liked it like when she was halfway done the bottle. I'm like the reverse.

Must take pictures, huh?

And lastly...but BLURRY. Excuse me.


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