Sunday, 24 June 2012

Manyo Club. A look back.

I was too young when I visited this place. I think it was around May. The place is so POSH. It's like a hotel or some sort of. Manyo club is located in Minato Mirai which have lots of facilities to offer. Look at my sisters! :) Aren't they the cutest? And look at us wearing onsen robes? LOL. And Look at my youngest sister, she still cannot follow instructions during that time so if you would compare her robes to ours, it's wet. I remember she sat on the path where people should walk so her stuff is kind of wet. WHAT A KID! INDEED.

Can I just go back and savor the moments? AGAIN? The thing about me is when we traveled and all that before, I always tend to forget that I should enjoy and spend the day like it's the last time. I should change that attitude of mine and live my life everyday as if it's my last.

It's very near COSMO WORLD. OMG! I want to go to Cosmo World so bad! I remember asking dad to kind of drop us off the park but it just didn't happen. My sisters went there on their last trip I believe. For some reason, I really am a sucker for amusement parks! From my position, you can actually see stuff that's happening on the park and if you don't plan on going to COSMO after MANYO. DO NOT ATTEMPT! You will just die of envy.

I can't forget the screams and all that machine-sounding noise that can be heard from our position.

Here's me with mom. :) The thing we were sitting on is actually a "walk-onsen" I don't really know what it's called. I totally made that up, you know. It's a water filled path and there are like different sizes of stones in it.

We had a private/family bath which is uber awesome! I mean, I enjoy public bath but there's nothing wrong with keeping everything private. My sisters!!! They kind of treated the tub as pool, believe me. They're just pretty behave on the picture.

I love this shot! You know what? Before, I kind of stood there in front of the glass window and kind of looked at the view. From the window, you can see little boats and ships and stuff. I kind of stayed out of the water long enough and when I looked up, I saw a sign that goes something like "do not stand in front of the window naked" And something like 'they can see you' and stuff.

They do have a game center somewhere, a massage center, restaurant, and other stuff as well. My mom actually went to the public bath just to look around. I should have done that too! REGRETS! As from what I can still remember, the food was awesome! And I heard, expensive.

I want to come back!

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