Friday, 15 June 2012

Alice by Temperley. Resort 2013 review.

I personally think that Alice by Temperley's collection is gorgeous! I just think that the other collections are kind of off for the season. I will discuss that in my other post though. I don't know how they categorize stuff but I'm sure Alice by Temperley's designs are not the most RESORT-IEST collection that there is. Thinking about resort, I would probably assume that there should be BIKINIS and stuff but I don't know how that works. Na-ah.

Let me just start with my favourite collection! I really think that this dress is gorgeous! I don't personally play much with colors. I like simple colored dress. Beige, white, brown, pink, and black will do. Although a little bit of combination is good sometimes. I don't understand the shoes though. But anyways I absolutely adore the color combination of the dress and the little detail the skirt gives. And I also love love love the belt! Awesome! I noticed though that the upper part of the dress appears kind of leathery so I'm not so sure if that'll be very comfortable to wear. And  since I also presumed that RESORT is kind of for SUMMER WEAR and stuff. But anyways.

When I first saw the picture above, I totally kind of fell in love with it. Not literally though. But thinking about it, if ever I'd go out with this, my mom will go totally nuts about it. Like, serious stuff. But I love the LACEY-NESS of it. Just because I just watched Michelle Phan's latest WANDERLUST episode and it's about the Italian women having to spend 4 months or so creating lace and stuff. Awesomeness! :) But I actually doubt that the lace they used here is handmade. I STILL DON'T GET THE SHOES BY THE WAY.

For me, this one right here is so classy-I-could-die. Not the typical classy-classy look of course. It's simple but classy. Don't get me wrong though, I know that these designers' made it to this some sort of collection because they're somehow classy but there are just some designs which I can't understand at all. So yeah, for me, classy doesn't have to be really expensive and stuff but yeah, just saying. 

This lacey-ness goodness right here. I would seriously totally wear this. Love the design and everything. This dress will totally look good on a polka dot heels or flats or whatever it is that's with polka dots in it. Ok maybe not just whatever. Let's stick with flats and heels. And probably just black and white.

I like! :) But I just wish they'd be a little more generous on the buttons next time. :/ All in all, I really like the collection. But you know, there's always an exception. In this case, maybe 3 which I can't really understand the coherence between the designs. Let's say for example:

I have come by to it that fashion is really something relative and subjective. You might not agree with me not liking the design above, but it's okay. I respect your opinion on that. My mom would probably like that too. And I absolutely have NO right to question my mom's choice. UNLESS ASKED FOR AN OPINION of course. LOL. 

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