Sunday, 1 April 2012

Vista Marina, Subic. Review.


I don't know why, but for some reason, I really looked happy. I loved the trip because it made me realize that the Philippines, at some point, is not yet "that" polluted. And if only we can do something about it, then who knows? It may still be revived to its best.

Sister and I posing under the sun. WHEW! Nice landscape I must say.

After applying sunblock and all that protective stuff.

The pool is really not very impressive. It is kind of small. Which I think is a good thing. Mainly to invite people to just go to the beach. But actually, the water is not very nice and all that. I really prefer the pool sometimes. But nevertheless, I did enjoy walking in the most shallow part of the bay. Even though I don't look like it.


So we showered and went back to the pool. WIN!

The places was generally nice. The hotel room, lobby and stuff. It's quite posh. Sorry for blocking the nice chandelier.

Also, there are like a few restaurants nearby in which you might want to dine. The restaurant inside the resort is not very big and yeah there's like probably 5 restaurants nearby. When I say nearby, I mean walking distance nearby. I don't like that there's no WI-FI though. I mean, there is but you have to pay like 500 php for unlimited use. WTF? That's half a month bill of unlimited internet at home already. But I managed to steal WI-FI from a restaurant at the sea side so yeah. No regrets.

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