Friday, 3 October 2014

Is Sam Pepper too Peppery?

Sam Pepper is too peppery. Okay what a random thought. But wait! Is he really though? I feel kind of obliged to comment here because I have included Sam Pepper on my UK YouTubers thing. To be honest though, eversknce, I was kind of afraid to watch a Sam Pepper prank video. Especially when it's Venice Beach they're featuring because I feel kind of awkward watching it. Like, I don't feel at ease or anything. Like I always anticipate he would get slapped or something.

His most recent prank however have crossed the limit. He touched girls' bum with the illusion that his other hand beside from the one he's trying to point on something is in his pocket. Well in fact, there's no hand in his pocket. His real hand is freed from the sleeve so can therefore touch whatever freely. Clearly a violation if you ask me. Don't get me wrong though. I love Sam Pepper. I think he's sexy but there are just some things that I disagree with. Can I just say that we're not all fan girls that would probably appreciate a little skin ship and who the heck touches people's bum and publicly post it like it's just a normal thing to do? Oh Sam Pepper dear.

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