Friday, 17 August 2012

iPhone case again.

And as always, this is from my auntie! Thanks auntie dear! She used to use it before I believe. It's kind of cute! But I don't know if I'll be putting it on or whatever. I'm actually anti that rabbit looking phones or whatever. It's cute, yeah. I just don't personally prefer it. So don't hate on me for not liking it if you happen to like it. This one is not so annoying though. Just a little bit. But it's all good. That's all! :)


  1. This is a cute case but I don't think that would look good to us, yes for kids this will work good if they are having iPhone with them.

  2. This is a cute little thing, but why is it so big? I thought the idea these days was for these new phones to keep getting smaller and smaller, but now I can not find an iphone case that even fits in my back pocket! I would not even be able to get my hands all the way around this to hold it securely!


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