Tuesday, 28 August 2012

G-Dragon's One of a Kind MV. Review.

Wild and young! Yes sir! You're one of a kind!

Oh! And I was so surprised to see Lydia Paek! She did great! I didn't know she's Korean though.

I mean, the whole video is just so G. So GD. When I say GD, I mean ARTISTIC FANTASTIC. 

Can I just say that this picture is so cute! I mean, this music video is kind of confusing but whatever. LOL. 

He also became Ken for a second but he got slapped by barbie. I don't know what's the relevance but yeah. It happened. Maybe view has something to do with my poor Korean. LOL. Seriously! 

He also became a fancy boxer wearing a very expensive looking helmet. But despite wearing something fancy like that, he still lost the fight. Oh well. It happens. 

And then he became some sort of a vampire/monster/freak. I don't even know what happened. Well, my basis of the transition is this.

And then after that, the environment turned fancy. I don't know. It's just genius. 

And then after dancing with some girls and some animal, and after some wardrobe changing and stuff, and after some glass breaking and tennis playing, Taeyang appeared to dance some more and display his hair? I don't know. 

I think this video is awesome. Sort of. I don't understand it though.

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