Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bahay ni Kap, Batangas. A Look Back.

Bahay ni Kap is actually one of the getaway places in Batangas. It's this house (kind of) that you can rent and stuff. They actually have quite a lot of rooms but the thing is the place isn't a hotel or something. It's like an apartment or something like that. We stayed there last 2010 I believe. For 3 days I believe.

So yeah. There's mini pool somewhere in the middle of the garden and yeah. It feels like home actually. So thumbs up for that. There's actually quite a lot of water activities to do there.

With my sisters! LOL. Being the team captain, I always have to be in front. Yup.

Here we go!

The boatman? Actually asked us if we want our boat flipped or whatever but my mom was so scared and stuff so nothing like that happened. Oh wells. So yeah. That's the story I miss times when all we do is have fun and stuff. I seriously miss quality time with my sisters and mom. Soon!

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