Saturday, 4 October 2014

Updated my Blog

I'll never get tired of spamming y'all of my new blog. If you may, visit ONCEJAPANATIME.BLOGSPOT.JP because soon enough, I would be posting there loads instead of here. But you know, the water's fine here too so I may come say hi once in a while. So yeah please do visit the site to read the full article!! Thanks!!! :)) 

Friday, 3 October 2014

Is Sam Pepper too Peppery?

Sam Pepper is too peppery. Okay what a random thought. But wait! Is he really though? I feel kind of obliged to comment here because I have included Sam Pepper on my UK YouTubers thing. To be honest though, eversknce, I was kind of afraid to watch a Sam Pepper prank video. Especially when it's Venice Beach they're featuring because I feel kind of awkward watching it. Like, I don't feel at ease or anything. Like I always anticipate he would get slapped or something.

His most recent prank however have crossed the limit. He touched girls' bum with the illusion that his other hand beside from the one he's trying to point on something is in his pocket. Well in fact, there's no hand in his pocket. His real hand is freed from the sleeve so can therefore touch whatever freely. Clearly a violation if you ask me. Don't get me wrong though. I love Sam Pepper. I think he's sexy but there are just some things that I disagree with. Can I just say that we're not all fan girls that would probably appreciate a little skin ship and who the heck touches people's bum and publicly post it like it's just a normal thing to do? Oh Sam Pepper dear.


You know how I love my girls, SNSD, right? Well most of them but then looking at it now, I guess like most of girl or boy groups, things do happen behind the scene that we don't really get to see and so we imagine that things are perfect like they do on the show or on TV in general. Yeah, even when they show "behind the scene" stuff. That's still not it. 

Now, so if you're here to know what happened to Jessica, you're in a wrong page. If you want to know what I think about it, now we're talking. Okay I can't help it. Jessica Jung apparently started a business called BLANC and was fully permitted by SM Entertainment to do her thing. But then after confirming that the permission is still valid, days later, she was kicked out. Like, come on! I know it's not the first time this kind of thing happened in this company but hey!! (EHEM TVXQ). Just a side note though, Sica is not even my bias. 

Anyways, the girls also apparently talked about this issue altogether and even made Jessica choose between her business and her still being part of the group. She can't choose! You just don't let somebody choose between two important things. I know life is about choices but sometimes you can't really choose. She said that the business though is just launched a few months back and she can't back out of that because she already signed the contract and whatnot but also! She renewed her contract to be in the group as well so what now? She's legally allowed to do both right? 

Do I think that the girls betrayed her? I actually don't think so (much). I think they were somehow told to act such way. Or I don't know. Maybe they were really acting on their own. But you see, even for just "acquaintances", being together for so long, I don't think you would be able to do something such as not fighting for someone who you know is doing what can do her better. You know what I mean? But then again, our minds don't really operate the same. 

So yeah. I guess I just want to wish good luck to Jessica! And may her business be as huge as it can be so she can slap SME in their faces. 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Is Death Penalty the Answer?

It's a good thought but I would agree better if it's negated. Anyways, there's been a lot of fuzz and bad news circulating about The Philippines. 

I've read an article saying that Senator Sotto "reiterated" his call for the reimplementation of death penalty in the Philippines. I didn't know it was a thing. See, I think that's one of the things that is lacking in our government (I think). It seems like it only acts when it's already too late. But you see, not too late to save thousands of lives in the future. 

Do I agree on this?? BIG FAT YES!! Now he's saying that it's not like the suspect's gonna be sentenced the next day or something but I say that's debatable!! Not all crimes can't be solved overnight, right! But what if someone's caught in the act? Well before that, let me just enumerate the crimes that I think deserve to be punished by death. 


Murder though, if not admitted or like caught in the act can be a little hard to prove. There would be questions like, what if he/she is just a victim? I don't know. What I do know is that when caught in the act, or even if he/she admitted it, no more questions! Death should be punishable by death. Now most of you are probably saying that we shouldn't play God or whatever well tell that to the killer! Can I just say that while writing this, it seems like it's too familiar. I don't know if I have already blogged about this or I probably wrote about this on my high school or college paper. Anyways. It's always nice to reiterate. Yeah? 

Rape is easier to prove I guess. If a woman is violated, most of the time, it's identifiable. It leaves quite some trace. Blood, sperm, or like anything. When is rape a rape though? I personally believe that it is rape when permission is not given. So women should also be vocal about things. Like it may seem like they're not into it but doesn't make it clear and stuff, it doesn't work that way. If you don't want it, say you don't want it. If they insist, rape! And that's like in a social situation. With friends and aquaintances. If like forced by a stranger into it with like violence and stuff, it's definitely rape. Like STFU. If you pull a girl out of nowhere and do something sexual without her consent, rape! You get it, right? 

Drug use/abuse is no doubt quite traceable. Test that mothereffer's urine/hair/blood and then voila!! Also, ask where he/she got it then done!! Well, to be fair though, some people want to try drugs perhaps. Okay. I think it's not fair to kill some curious cats in this case. Maybe death on third offense? 

I don't know why I'm playing like a law maker here lol it's not that this would be the new rule but I'm just saying that I have a say on this and I'm not gonna shut up even though I know it wouldn't change a thing. I just hope people would be able to see this and think for themselves. That's all. See yah!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Possessed? Scary Story.

This might come across creepy but then who cares? Just want to share the times where I thought I would die in my sleep. Like, there have been few instances when I feel helpless and couldn't move my body. I swear there were a lot but these are the few that I can recall. 

The Black Cat. Now for some reason, I know what was going on and I even think I am awake in this one. More often than not, I can actually control my dreams and most of the time, I would know whether I am dreaming or not so yeah I am positive that I was not dreaming. What happened was this cat was kind of acting like a dementor and taking my soul out of me. Literally. Then I floated while lying in bed. Like even to the point when I can see myself floating in bed, eyes open and my soul continuously getting out from it. I couldn't move and all that and yeah. I remember waking my sister up and all that but nah. Then I snapped back to life and I went to her bed and hugged her and all she asked "bad dream?".

The Elf. Same thing happened with the elf. But not as extreme. This is just a case of sleep paralysis. Like I couldn't really move and I wasn't floating or anything. But you know, 'not being able to move' is not as minor as you think it is. I swear I thought I'm gonna die that second. I tried to wake my sister up and asked her to go near me and when she did, I was able to move. 

The Old Man. This happened very recently. On my new apartment. This scared me a lot because I have no sister to save me this time. This is I think more of a dream though. I don't know. Anyways. What happened was, I couldn't move my body and stuff and when I look beside my bed, there's an old man lying beside me. I don't even know who that man is. Like, when I would open my eyes, he would disappear and when I would close it, he would reappear. Crazy!! 

I don't know whether it is normal to experience that. I heard some people die in such a way. It's like creeping me out seriously. I hope this would stop. Anyways, see yeah! 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

New Blog of my Life

I don't know what I've been going thru or something but lately, I feel kind of isolated from this blog. What? I don't know what it is but you know, I really love my blog and stuff but for some reason, things happen, I guess? So I decided to set-up another blog. 

If you may, please do visit my new blog, follow if you will! And yeah let's stay connected. 

I don't know if I would leave this blog (I don't think so) but I think I would like to concentrate more on that blog. 

The reason I kind of want to leave this particular blog is probably because I feel like it's kind of all over the place. Which I don't have anything against but you know. I think it's a little bit over 'all over the place' kind of messy almost. But it's me and I love it! Am I confusing you? Good! 


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Unexpected Drama

One time, I was paired with someone my age. I don't know what happened but then all of a sudden, we were talking about family. Her family in particular. 

She's Vietnamese. And her mother is in England. Fairly good spirited, always laughing with her friends, and it doesn't seem like she's having this kind of problem. Anyways. As we were talking about life, she said that she doesn't feel any connection to her mom at all. She said that if it weren't for Skype, she wouldn't even know how her mom looks like. Her mom left Vietnam to work in England as a nurse. Also, she said that when her mom came back to Vietnam for a short vacation, she wasn't able to meet her because she's in Japan. And for some reason, she was okay with it. 

I was like so sad for her that time and just confronted her with, "can't really do anything about it". And she agreed. As much as I know deep in my heart that her mom only did it for her family's welfare, I so much understand where this girl is coming from. I guess it's really better to be with your kids while they're growing up as much as possible. As I believe that this woman is really doing her best, I think that her dad or somebody else brought her up well but there are others who wouldn't be like her. And the sad truth is that there's no guidance from parents or like guardians to make them an asset to the society. Anyways. That's all. 

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Nothing Golden about Gold

iPhone 5s in Gold may seem like a very nice thing to have. But in reality, everyone has it. When I signed up for a phone, I was asked right what color do I want my phone to be. White, black, or gold. I was like WHITE at first but on second thought, GOLD. Then my university chant haunted me. BLACK GOLD BLACK WHITE. Anyways. Not a good idea! I thought that since there's not a lot of people who have gold iPhone, I would be unique and stuff but NO. It seems like we're all thinking the same. Feeling unique lang.

The thing about gold iPhones is that it's overrated to the max!! But at least I still think that being overrated is still way better than how the iPhone 5s black looks like. Sorry for those who have the black one but I don't really like how it looks like. Of course it can only j ust be me. As always naman.
So that's what I want to say. It's kinda sad because we can't turn back time. I'll be more careful next time! That's all. I think and I strongly suggest that if you may, please get the iPhone 5s in white. Because I would have done the same and also, to even out the number of those who have the gold and the white. Or if you brave, get the black! 

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Did I Just Free Dobby?

This is what happened. So I borrowed socks from my workmate because I forgot to bring my own and then actually, before this whole situation, we had this locker conversation about socks. One of them cannot get a pair out of the washing machine together and then the other (in whom I borrowed from) just totally lose it period. Cannot find the other at all. 

So yeah the next day, I borrowed socks from her and apparently, it was from GAP. I wouldn't probably spend that much for socks but then again... Okay so on with the story, it was my off the next I borrowed so I didn't check my bag right away so the day after that, I thought of washing the socks and well I CANNOT FIND THE OTHER SOCK! I was like, what is this sorcery? I usually don't get this situation a lot so I was really problematic when the situation occurred. I was like, what to do? Where to buy? I then decided to go to Machida, Tokyo but then it was closed! The luck of me! Really! 

Then I went to Hashimoto and there I was able to buy that same pair. Also, I bought a simple tee in which I kind of hesitated buying but then again, 1000-ish yen for a tee is not bad for a branded stuff. So there's that. That's all! I successfully gave the socks without losing it on my way home. See yah! 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Weird Dream Yet Again

I always get weird dreams but sometimes dreams can only get weirder. I had a dream about my college friends that I miss so so much. 

First thing that I remember is when I gave my friend Rach a seaweed from Africa. Let's just pause for a while and reflect. Why the hell would I have a seaweed from Africa?? Also, I didn't know they have their own style of making seaweeds. Anyways, it looked a lot like something I can buy anywhere. Nothing special! So then moments later, she texted me. And it goes something like this.

Thank you for the African Seaweed. A Triangular creature from Africa is trying to steal it from me. If you know what I mean.

No Rach! I don't know what you mean! Triangular creature?? Are we talking shapes now? LOL. Then it ended.

The next scene was me going up and down the stairs seeing batchmates in their suits and dresses. I don't know but I assume it must be prom basing it from the aura of the scene. Random. From Africa to prom? Then I find my way to getting hold of my test papers!! Which are soaring high! Hahaha that's why I know it was a dream (LOLJK). Then I can't see clearly but I remember a high school friend mixed with college friends asked me how to say "CAN I BE YOUR BOYFRIEND?" In Japanese. 

I then concluded that it's my college friend because I don't want that specific high school friend to ruin my dream. Hahaha see yah! 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

To TRY or NOT?

Few weeks ago on iTunes, I was looking for free music because I'm a diva like that and I was like, COLBIE CAILLAT? What is this sorcery? No offense but Colbie Caillat is the first artist I have encountered that I know on the single of the week feature of iTunes. It is a nice song! I was actually impressed and felt like I won the lottery for some reason. Anyways. 

It's just recently that the video became a thing on Facebook and so I watched. In a  nutshell, it's a video of girls taking off their make-ups. It's nice as it is but I don't know. 

Just being a video about girls taking off their make-ups made the song less valuable. I think. Because for some reason, I don't think girls who put make-up are just trying. You know what I mean? Girls sometimes put make-up for fun and just because. It's colorful and fun. Not really trying to impress other people and stuff. Yeah? What happened to YOU JUST HAVE TO GET UP GET UP GET UP? It's like my favorite part. Oh well. 

Here's a picture I took awhile ago without make-up. Just because! As asked by Ms. Caillat, "don't you like you?", I DO! I like me. And I like make-up too. 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

What People Think of Me

People at work are cofused as to what I really am. I told you that in my previous work, people thought I am not Filipina as they have talked sh't behind me (and front). Back in the Philippines, people actually thought I'm either Chinese or Korean. It's kind of the same story here in Japan. 

One person thought I was Vietnamese which made me kilig because for some reason, Vietnamese people are so beautiful. Or at least at my work place before! 

One person I am rather fond of thought I am from Peru which I kind of understand because people from Peru at that place looks Asian-ish but nah, we all know I'm not. 

Also, because I am friends with a lot of Nepali, people also thought I am one. Well. 

Now that I have started with another company, they thought I am Chinese. Sometimes Japanese. I remember I was asked by that nice lady if I want my video presentation on my orientation day to be in Chinese and I was like, I'm not Chinese. I'd like it to Japanese instead and she was like, oh you look Chinese. Okay. Then people at the locker room are saying "may bago!" or "eto yata yung bago" in which I answered "opo" and they were all like "Filipina ka?" and then a person said "ngayon ko lang nakita ito ha" and I was like "first day ko po ngayon" and she was like "ay Filipina ka? Akala ko ibang lahi sorry ha". Moral of the story is don't speak against people or if you have to, don't speak in front of them because you don't know what languages they can speak and stuff.

There's one Indonesian at my work place now who is so good at Tagalog that I can't even! So yeah that's all! 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Congratulations, Deutschland!!

So it happened. The Germans won the WORLD CUP 2014. It's not like I don't want them to win because let's all admit it, they really outplayed the Argentines. In quite many ways, I was actually impressed by their performance but not as impressed as their many other games. I mean, that game against Brazil was so much fun to watch. I also particularly remember them being as aggresive last World Cup so yeah.

I woke up at like 4:30-ish JST and my friend turned the TV on and I was like, the fvck is this? And then I remembered the finals. Can I just stop and analyze why I forgot the finals? So I was like, quite lucky still that I was able to watch it. This is probably the first time I have to thank that TIME DIFFERENCE exists. Yes! 

That off-side goal by Higuain. Can we just stop right there. Higuain is actually my favorite player from Argentina because I don't know. Oh well. 

Mario Goetze did his job. Thinking he's a midfielder, he actually stepped it up, didn't he? When he was put in the field, I was like, even though he looks so pretty, this guy might actually make it. And then the Japanese commentators kept mentioning he's like only 22 and stuff and I was like, the heck I'm doing with my life while this guy is already scoring for the World Cup. 

I also would like to acknowledge Neuer for making it impossible for the Argentines to goal. I mean, it's not like they have shot impossible to block shots.  But you know. He's quite awesome. No pressure kind of look actually.  

Well the World Cup kind of wrapped up at that. Can I just say that Cristo Redentor kind of looked so gorgeous with that German flag reflected to it. Just literally.

It's so fab! I wonder if my favorite trademark changed its color or if they will ever change color in honor of the celebration. And yes, we're talking about the Eiffel Tower. Glückwunsch Deutschland!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

My (World) Cup of Tea

I don't know but I have been missing a lot of World Cup action because of work and whatsoever. But that doesn't mean I don't have a team that I support. With that being said...

I don't know what it is with them that really attracts me but you know!! World Cup 2010 was like this, JAPAN, ARGENTINA, and then SPAIN. Because we all know we can't support team all at the same time. So yeah. This World Cup 2014 is kind of a different story though. It's like Japan and Argentina. But I must say I am really impressed by the BRAZIL-GERMANY match awhile ago. Brazil NT is definitely not my kind of team well I like Kaka but that's about it. Oh and excuse me for a sec but can we just all pause and appreciate the gorgeousness of this man's eyes?

When I saw this on TV, I was like, is that Zayn Malik? And I was like, na-ah. Neymar Jr. it is. His eyes though! He's not gonna be playing this World Cup anymore because of injury but anyways. So that's about my update, I think? Hopefully Argentina would be able to make it to the Finals and then it woud be Germany vs. Argentina. It would be very interesting! Don't you think?

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Beating the Heat!

First things first! Three months in Japan now! Okay next. LOL. It's almost summer here and I can't help but be thankful I don't work in the afternoon or else! I'm just so glad I don't have to deal with the nasty weather. Well except the rain! I don't like it.

Recently, I went out alone to eat. Not like in a restaurant or something (will definitely try that!) but like in a mini stand bar or yeah. Also, I wore that shirt from the Philippines with pride! Apparently, that's the only loose shirt I have. That's another reason I wore it. Can't wear skimpy clothes on a nasty weather like that.

Anyways. I had Takoyaki and Mango Juice. The MJ was kind of expensive. I should have just gotten myself a Starbucks. Grande pa! Inis. Anyways, it was still kinda worth it because I went out on a very sunny afternoon so I was quite happy. The Takoyaki isn't that good. But I like it anyway.

I used to really really really like these. I guess sometimes things really does change. LOL. I still dig the grilled one but I haven't really got in to liking the one with soy sauce. I don't know why people like it. It's like a weird combination of sweet and salty. Me no likey. I didn't buy because I prefer them grilling it on the spot. Am I asking too much for 90 yen? Yes.

You know selecting what ice cream to buy is kind of fun in Japan. There's just too many choices!!! Even weird ones! Will probably try and feature some! And I'm already grossed out. Moving right along!

I bought this because I saw Hidemi eating this enjoyably. Nope! Not really good!! Am I asking too much for its price? Yes. But then again it did its job of icing me up. Whut?

This made me happy though! As you can see, it was a really hot day.

A shot of Sagamihara Station. As you can see, it was. Which sucks because first, I forgot my umbrella inside my locker so I have to share with a friend and second, I forgot my umbrella inside my locker so I didn't have anything to use later that day when I went to work. Great! Also, I forgot my e-ticket inside my locker so I had to pay for my fare! Not wise. Ugh! So stupid you know. It's actually because I have to hurry or else the bus might not have available seats. I feel like a ninja, really! That's all! See yah!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I Regret Everything

I haven't been so unlucky with buying cheap stuff. But then I guess life is a balance of good and bad things but today is just not good. Anyways, bought this all at a 100 yen shop and below are my thoughts. 

Let's just start with the FAKE EYELASHES. I don't really wear fake lashes. I think I wore it twice my lifetime. I bought one thinking I'd wear it on special days and stuff, right? When I pulled it out, hair fell out. Like, the heck? I don't know what happened but I'm sure I was being careful. So yeah whatever. Goodbye 100 yen. If I were in the Philippines, I would probably shed a tear. JK. 

The Eyelash Glue! I realize that buying a black glue is not ideal for beginners! I ended up putting glue everywhere. My lids and all! It's just a no-no. NO! 

The mascara I don't hate so much! But I bought one in dark brown instead of black. I don't know if I like dark brown mascaras so NO. 

The eyelash curler which doesn't do much. Just no! I remember using kind of the same product and I ended up pulling all my lashes off. True story y'all! 

The fake eyelashes storage case. I like the whole idea of it except the fact that the glue I bought doesn't really fit in the glue compartment. So no. There you go guys! See yah!

Monday, 30 June 2014

Semi-"Matsumoto Jun" Story

You know, I always doubted that Jun kun is Japanese. If you would remember, well, I guess way back 2009-ish, he was given a role as a half Filipino in a series called SMILE. To be honest though, he really doesn't look like a Japanese to me. He looks complicated. I have some conclusion. To my story now. I'll tell you something about Matsumoto Jun. Well not really the real one tho. I have a work mate that looks like Matsumoto Jun and I'm not even playing with y'all. When I first saw him, I was like, WTH? It's that kind of level. I can't stop comparing him to Jun kun and you know what? I therefore conclude that he looks way better than Matsumoto Jun. Like, the real one kinda looks petite and fragile but this one is really mascular. His shoulders though! And his eyebrows are really 囲い! Anyways, I kept that to myself for a while.

I told one of my kind of closest work mate and told him that the guy is cute and stuff and she doesn't know who I was talking about but was teasing me saying I like Nepali guys anyways and I should ask her to introduce me to that guy. Few weeks later, I think she figured it out herself and suddenly called that Nepali guy when we were working and I was like giving her that "DON'T YOU DARE TELL" look and she was like, "IT WON'T BE ABOUT YOU" and of course you just can't trust anything when people are talking in their own language. I then heard the word "girlfriend" and then after they finish talking, my friend said that the guy doesn't have a girlfriend. Lucky!! It's not that there's a chance for me though but you know, it's always a plus to fan-girl over someone who's single. ALWAYS! Anyways, that was last week. Read along!

Awhile ago, 06/29/14, I remember my partner at work said that she's friends with that guy and so I asked her again. She said, "not really" this time. Make up your mind girl! I then said that the guy is handsome. Biggest mistake everrr! She called the guy right away and she said something in their language and then she was like grinning. I then knew she said it to the guy! And I was like, the heck did I do to you girl to deserve this? LOL. And then she was like "handsome handsome ne" whilst grinning and maybe thinking of something more evil to do. And I was like, don't talk to me bitch! Hahaha. So I guess it's not obvious to the guy that I like him since a friend asked him in front of me if he has a girlfriend and then this girl said I said he's handsome so now what? I actually pretended nothing happened after that. I'll just pretend I don't know anything as per usual.  But bitches!! YOU DON'T DO THAT TO ME!! Hahaha. That's all I have to share. See yah!

Monday, 23 June 2014

The Rant Club

You don't have an idea how I want to change my blog's name to something relevant to being pissed all the time. But nah I'm not turning this blog to a rant blog. Just tempted. Anyways another entry for y'all. 

So as I was in a hurry to go home because the bus would always be full at 6 am, right? Then it happened. The driver said "last two person" and we were like 10 remaining. Great! And I was like joking around and blocking the person in front of me but she was able to go in of course. I was not even second so I know I wouldn't be able to go in. Anyways. What pissed me off is the TAXI INCIDENT.

The driver told us to go up and talk to the people at the office so that they could give us the tickets for taxi and then two of us did. One Nepali and I. I don't know why the rest didn't go though. So yeah that happened. When we went up, they were questioning why the rest didn't go up and demanded we call them and that they wouldn't call the taxi if the rest wouldn't go up. Sounds about right. I think. The person who went up with me tried to called a friend who's downstairs but that person's not picking up so I volunteered to go down instead and call them up. Also, she really wanted to go the bathroom and so I let her. But then I didn't know that the office person went down with me with the tickets. WTF!! He said he only got two tickets with him and that he'll request for another one. I then called the person I went up with and asked her to go down then informed that someone that the person I went up with tried to call her like five times. Anyways. She (tried to contact) got hold of a ticket and the other ticket went to someone else. She then grouped me to be in a taxi with her. So it was me, a Japanese, her, and the person I went up with. Settled. We waited for the taxi and then the first came after 20-ish minutes and then we decided to go first but guess what? People who are not even part of the settled group went rushing in. The person who went up with me and the person holding the ticket were able to go in though. I was like, what just happened? The person holding the ticket was apologizing to me and since it's not really her fault, it's really okay so I said okay. Ang lakas maka The Fault in our Stars diba? LOL.

Then the second taxi came and since I don't really know whether they already settled their group or not, I let them go. The Japanese went up to get the ticket they promised but I think the office demanded that we all go up again and it would have been better if the taxi division would be like 4-3-3 so yeah it ended up being two full taxis and two remaining with no remaining taxi ticket. We just then decided to wait for the 7a.m. bus. Sucks!

What I want to rant about is the fact that even though I was the one who went up, I wasn't able to get a ticket so how so evil of these people to go ahead and ride earlier than I did, right? It's just so frustrating how thick skinned can people get sometimes. I think a normal person would feel shy at least but no. The nerves! I hate dealing with people like that. Like, seriously. GTFO. Ano ako tagakuha niyo ng ticket? The end of rant. 

On a lighter note, I took some photos at the park nearby. It's completely washed out but the background is actually my work place.

Took random photos because I got nothing better to do anyways.

I particularly liked the sky. I don't know why. I mean, as always.

I enjoyed sitting and relaxing though. I think there's still a reason for me missing the bus and taxis. To relax a little bit.

Completely from the other day when the sky looks so scary as if it just wants to drop us all dead. You probably can't see. Anyways, see yah!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Pissed Off! Why Do I Even Care?

Are we gonna talk about work again, you ask. Bingo! I have been working for almost 5 weeks now and guess what? The longer I stay, the more bitches I encounter! Because. Okay let me just start with this bitch. Actually, the only bish we're gonna talk about. 

Last week, I was on a line with her and she's actually new. I think I only came in a week or two earlier though but still new. She was telling me what to do and stuff like that and even telling someone who's been there for 5 months what to do. Are you crazy, girl? You don't know a thing yet so don't brag! Tell you about this girl, though. She has a very irritating high pitched voice that you wouldn't want to hear. Bellatrix Lestrange's laugh compared to this girl's voice would be an effing Coldplay concert. And she would just shout when talking to somebody and would really irritate my ear drums. No exaggeration. 

Awhile ago, they were about to clean their machine and I think she was uncertain whether to use hot or cold water and then I think her partner thought otherwise and then she was like being frantic all of a sudden and scolded her partner and we were like, WHAT'S UP? She then excused herself to talk to the veteran and then the veteran agreed to her partner and she was insisting what she know's right. She was saying that she was instructed such by someone. I just feel bad for her partner because I feel like she didn't deserve that shout. FEELS! If she ever do that to me, hair will fall out of places, believe me! Sayang! Mukha pa naman siyang model. Not actually pretty but she's tall and slim and stuff. Sayang!! Uma-attitude teh! 

Kind of related, this girl doesn't fall in line when riding the bus!! Fall in line, girl! Like, I don't know about how these people are trained but when people are on a queue, what kind of person just go in front, right? (FILIPINO, NEPALI, and VIETNAMESE) Irritating! Not in general but you get the point! I just can't stop complaining about the lines at the bus stop. Someone assign a leader to the crowd. 

Okay so back to what I was saying, like I haven't said enough already, yesterday, like I did my best to run to the bus and then two Nepali guys were trying to stop me from seating and said that l should just sit in front of but I was like "MO NAI" (no more place) so silent but I was like making a 😒/-_- facial expression. Like, don't talk to me. So they didn't have a choice. I win. Akala niyo ha!! And then there's thing other thing that happened. The Filos saved seats for people who weren't even there yet and then when people were trying to sit they said that the person went to the toilet and stuff and I was like, OKAY I DON'T CARE. One Nepali was I think saying to her countrmen that nobody went to the toilet since she arrived earlier so yeah. They were talking on their own language so I can't really tell but judging it from the tone of their voice, that's what I think they were talking about. Okay? Anyways! Glad that the people "who just went to the toilet" didn't go in and let others in so maybe that's why I wasn't that pissed off. Life! See yah!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Maybelline BB Watergel

Recently, I have been not so happy with the condition of my skin when going out. I mean, as much as I thank goodness for clearing it up and saving it from little monsters, it's just still not the way I wish it looked. Anyways. There are so many Drugstore Brands available in the market but since my skin is a sensitive mess, I thought I should just stick to what I know will not hurt much. For now. 

I got Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel. I don't know if it's the official name for it but whatever, right? Anyways. It retails here for 1200 yen (tax excluded) which I find kind of expensive. But everything is expensive here so whatever. I find that it doesn't have the scent I hate on my Maybelline BB stick which is nice!! I'm just so happy I don't have to deal with that. 

They do have 2 shades available being #1 Natural Beige and #2 Medium Beige. I got #1 because I'm assuming that this product will oxidize. Plus! It's summer. I don't know why that matters. LOL. I actually swatched both of them when I was deciding what to pick and they're not actually that different so yeah. Actually, when blended, they look pretty the same to me so on to what I think would work better. Assuming as always!

It doesn't give much coverage but I guess it will make my skin look more presentable than just being on its own. Also, I think since it's summer, I could use some SPF. I don't actually know what watergel is for. Maybe for soothing the skin or probably for easy application or actually whatever but yeah this product claims to do the same thing as the BB Stick so hopefully it won't break me out as well. 

Monday, 16 June 2014

If it's for you, take it!

If it's for you, it really is for you. Last week, I was really running late for my bus and called my mom's friend and a friend that I might be going home shortly. Like, my bus comes around like 8:05 and leaves at 8:10 and I don't really like the bus when I don't get to ride my train on time because that would mean I have lost my chance of being able to sit properly and stuff and mostly because people are noisy and stuff, right? But yeah I arrived on the station at around 8:05 and when I reached the place, I was kinda already hesistant to go because it was already 8:08 or something and I was so damn sure that I don't have any place to sit on. On that note! Sometimes I feel like nakikipaglokohan lang yung driver kasi he wouldn't actually close the door until 8:10 but then he wouldn't let someone in when it's full na. Then leaves at 8:10. Like, what's the point? Maybe to give someone directions and stuff but still! Anyways. 

So I called certain people, right? I was even Line-ing with my mom telling her I might not make it on time (I was just lazy checking if there's still a seat for me still) in which she advised me to go to a mall instead. I LOVE MY MOM. I was actually really planning to go to Ario which is so damn big of a mall near my station and I was planning to eat and buy stuff already so I waited. I seated nearby and just waited for the bus to leave. All of a sudden, a Vietnamese co-worker asked me what I'm doing there and I was like, I didn't make it to the bus. And she was like, "TAXI, TAXI" And I was like, what? She then explained that they weren't able to enter the bus because it's already full and so the driver gave them taxi coupon. That happened to me before too. Anyways so yeah I ended up going to work. Too bad, aye? But then I was like, sayang din ang 4K ko. Like, if I were in the Philippines, I have to work at least 1 week for me to earn that. So at the end of the day, I was still happy I was able to go to work. There's that. 

Yesterday, I thought of ditching work for a day again because thinking about what happened last time, it seemed to me that I have been stolen that time and so I said to myself that if I wouldn't make it on time, I'd accept it freely and just go to the mall. So I was walking slowly as if not on a hurry and then I was like walking even slower to delay because Sunday is like the worst day of the week when it comes to the bus. It's like the worst!! The first time I rode a taxi to work was on a Sunday as well. Anyways. As I was walking to the moon, a co-worker tapped  and asked me to run with her because the bus would leave. And I was like, what can I do?? When we arrived, yeah people can't go in already and I think there were 11 of us who can't ride but then the agency woman that introduced me to that company was there and she said if you can't ride, I'll give you a ride to work. Like, she took 7 of us and the rest went by taxi. 

It happened twice already so yeah. If you're meant to work, you have to. So yeah that's it! I'll probably go to Shibuya on of these days. Wala lang. 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

You Got Served

So I told you guys about the bus incident, right? The other day, something fantastic happened. I was sitting at the back-ish part of the bus with all the Nepali and stuff right? Well actually people actually sit by their races but I don't care! Like, I sit wherever I want. Also, because we're always late so we get to sit at the back LOL. 

Just a background about this girl though, 2 weeks ago, she approached and asked me which country I'm from and stuff and then I told her I'm from the Philippines and then she asked me why I don't sit with the other Filipinos and I was like, it's just that I'm new and I don't know really know them yet. And she was like, I see. She introduced herself and yeah she's actually nice. I think. Back! 

Okay so what happened was, it was so noisy at the bus and like everyone's doing their own thing when suddenly, a woman told everyone to speak softly because the driver's trying to make a call. It was okay then. Like most of the people stopped talking at once. I actually awe that woman something because one time, when the bus was really crowded, she asked them to compress so to make a room for one more person and so I was able to go home on time. She also did that to few others. That's why I know she's nice. I mean, I probably wouldn't really care when someone else can't ride or like you know! Which is greedy, but that's just me! I wouldn't instruct people to do what I say because I don't know them and I don't have that responsibility, right? So it was just really nice of her. I will definitely do what she did to me to others. One time. Just because. Anyways. Back to the story now y'all! And then a moment later, another woman said "soften your voice" to everyone when suddenly, the girl (nice girl that asked me which country I'm from) erupted like fire. She was telling them why is that when they're (Filos) the one talking, nobody's complaining and they would speak with loud voice and laugh really hard and nobody really cares and say anything about it but when it's her race that's talking, she's silencing them and stuff. Which is all the way right!! Like, you don't have the right to say shut up to somebody when at most times, you're being noisy yourself! Right? So that was the nice girl's point and then this second woman (not the one that let me in) couldn't say anything more. BECAUSE deep in her heart, she knows she's noisy. And then deep in my heart, I was going "YOU GOT SERVED!" And then I was like, I couldn't not congratulate this girl. So when we went down the bus, I said 
that she did well and then someone of her race asked me whether I also don't like people from the Philippines but then she realized that I am one but then I said, I don't like when people are minding other people's business. So yeah. It was a lovely day. The woman who got served is actually the same woman who was saying things to me. Boo yah!! See yah! :)

Sunday, 1 June 2014

TriWizard Tournament.

Going to work every night makes me feel like I'm in Hogwarts for the  TriWizard tournament. And it's awesome. People speaking in different language kinda makes me feel like I'm in an International School or something. More like Hogwarts! (as mentioned) Anyways, been friends with folks from Nepal and Vietnam. They're awesome! I like some people from the Philippines on my line as well. They probably have no choice too but to be friends with me but the bus!! Oh the bus. People who talk about other people! (well isn't that what I'm doing now?) THE PUN. But I would't be talking about them if they were a little nicer. Not all of course. Some. Hasty generalization attacks. Not good. 

 Hearing people speak though makes my head ache sometimes. Like, they speak so fast and I don't really understand any of it. Math lessons are better somehow you know because at least they teach it in English although sometimes I'm just as clueless. 

So yeah I mentioned my friends. My two weeks of stay made me realize two things. First, people from Nepal are generally friendly. Second, is when I meet a Vietnamese, the first thing I would ask them is if they know MICHELLE PHAN. Why? LOL. I don't know but she's really pretty famous so yeah. But turned out they don't know know. Why?

Also, I learned that Vietnamese people are fond of eating random meat? Is it just they Viet guy in the bus or is it all of them? I don't know but a girl would ask whether she have had that kind of meat and then he would show pictures of them eating. Isn't it weird? On the other hand, I have heard that people from Nepal don't eat beef meat. You learn a lot really. And all I could contribute is that I'm half Japanese. They seem pretty amazed too. Back to the people of Nepal though, they're nice but sometimes they're noisy. I can't sleep on board because of them. Well that's life. 

As I am typing this, I have missed my train because I act like I have all the time in this world ALLTHE TIME. If I miss my bus to work, we all know I won't be able to go to work. I would just go home then. And face the consequences. And probably pretend I'm sick. Life of me. That's all guys! See you! 

Friday, 23 May 2014

I bought a bike! And updates.

It's been not so wonderful with this blog thing I'm running. I promise I will make time and catch up more with you guys soon. Anyways, here are the things that might interest you. If not, well, this is all I got to share. Wala na talaga. LOL.

I bought a bike. I bought the cheapest bike of course. I was kinda fooled though. It retails for 8000 plus yen but tax not included so I spent 10000 yen plus for it all in all. Ganun din. I should have just bought the 10000 yen that's like so flashy in color. The color seems off but you know, as long as it takes me from point a to b, I'm good. Also, since I'm partially blind sometimes, it's kinda nice that I didn't but the typical silver type because we all know I wouldn't be able to find where it is at a glance. 

Anyways, this is my view from work to home. Sometimes I forget to look at details because I'm tired so if I tend to stop, I usually take pictures. Does that even make sense? No? Anyways. As if you don't know already, I really like the street flowers in Japan. So that's it. It actually looks more better in person because it is aligned in such a way. But sometimes when street cars pass non-stop, it's kinda hard to see it so yeah. Maybe that's actually why I took this picture. There's that. 

Oh Bitch You Didn't!

I haven't been here for long but there are some things that I have already learned and observed from my work place. 

First, btches are everywhere. May it be from your own country or not. But there are people who are so nice that you can't even. But those btches would really consume you and just want you to smash their face like you want to smash a ripe banana when making Banana Bread. I don't know but as time goes, it doesn't actually gets better. It worsens. Like, first this bitch was talking about me and stuff and she probably thought I couldn't hear her but that's forgiven. Forgiven forgotten. Actually that person's kinda nice. We're kinda friends now. Kinda. But this person at the bus though! Like, are you serious? They were talking about me in my NATIVE LANGUAGE  like I don't exist. They probably thought I cannot understand them or stuff because according to the people at my work place, I don't look like anything but Japanese. So that's my conclusion. But then you just don't talk about someone. More so insult them. Again, you're in my country, btch. This btch only though. She was talking to some neutral mannered species. But this btch! Oh this btch. I will one day pass by her and speak Filipino and stare at her with my left eyebrow raised. I really will! Or like the next time she talks about me, I would just say, ANONG PROBLEMA MO SA AKIN? (what's you're problem with me?) I don't want to start a fight but I'm not gonna let anyone insult me like that. In my own country, NO. 

It's not my nature to step down on people's level but this time I will. Because I was insulted. By someone who should be helping me because I am of her kind. But no btch! You're one sick mothereffer who deserves no love from this country or your country. No wonder you look haggard and ugly. Yes btch. Right back at you! You actually look worse. You know, I wouldn't actually be offended if she's pretty, beautiful, or even just look presentable. With that look? No way. Ano ka? Artistahin? You look like a garbage. Mahiya ka naman sa hitsura mo teh! Or actually, I wouldn't be offended is she's young. She looks older than my mom!! Tumatanda ba siyang paurong? You know, me comparing her to my mom is an absolute insult to my mom. Being old, she should have all the manners in this world already and there she was, btching. It's sad how people can act uneducated sometimes. Buti pa yung mga uneducated pero well mannered. Siya mukhang uneducated na, ill mannered pa. Yuck!! Sorry ha. And mukha siyang hindi naliligo. Promise. Naliligo ka ba teh? See, this is not the right way to justify it but if she didn't started this, I wouldn't have been ranting here. Eye for an eye dude. 

There are many things to rant about pa but for now, that's all I have to share. Also, I kinda feel better now that I have said all of these. See yah!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Because I'm Stupid.


I don't know if it's just bad luck but for some reason, I have been unlucky not once but twice in a span of an hour. Bingo! 

Anyways, this is what happened. Work ended at like 6:05 am -ish, right? And then because I'm stupid, I didn't think of asking  what time the bus from work to Hashimoto will leave. I probably thought that I have all the time in the world so you know what I did? I asked when my offs are. I should have just chosen!! Stupid!! Anyways. 

I went down the building at around 6:20 and didn't see any bus. Where on Earth is it? Even walked in every direction to check whether it was parked somewhere else or whatnot. No sign of the bus. Yabai!! What will I do? I don't know the time so I thought that it might have already left. Worst feeling ever. But deep inside, there's actually still hope that I might be a little early still. 
Feelingera. A little background for you, that place is like in the middle of nowhere! No exaggeration. 

So then I was like, what to do? As of date, I haven't felt as helpless as that. Not to say I haven't had episodes of stupidity though. Anyways. I don't have a phone yet, right? But my host mother? host family? Lend me a prepaid phone just so they could call me and stuff like that. Doesn't really have a credit or anything so I know I can't call. But I tried!! No luck. Mind over matter, I remembered someone from the agency that introduced me to that company said that their phone is free dial and so I tried.  Yes!! But then no one answered. Of course it's so early, I expected that. Not even office hour yet. But I still called like probably 5 times. And I was like so down for being so stupid. Minutes later though, I got a call from someone in that agency and I asked what time the bus will come and then I said I can't see any bus and stuff and she was like, the bus comes at ROKUJIJUGOHUN (6:15) and (according to me) "ICHIJIJUGOHUN" (1:15). I put down the phone. Obviously, the bus already left and then the next bus comes at 1? Are you freaking kidding me? For real? I was like, I want to sleep! So I walked a little bit over nowhere. I don't even know. I was actually trying to look for a place to stay in or something. Yup! As if there's an open mall at around 6:30. But then I didn't really want to wait until 1 so I was thinking of going home on my own. I wondered how. Again, in the middle of nowhere. I walked a little bit more looking for someone who probably have time and patience talking to someone with a lost girl with an intermediate Japanese level but great sign language skills. Hahaha I actually pretended to be a foreigner so he would have extra patience. Hahaha well he said that there are two near train stations (both of which are far). One being Ebina, where I got lost decades ago and the other Hon Atsugi. Ebina is where I got lost decades ago and Hon Atsugi, where Demi and I used to go decades ago as well. I thought I would just proceed with Ebina because it's like a connecting line after connecting line kind of place so I was like, lucky!! Then what happened was I asked for the nearest bus stop, right? He said (he acted) that there's a crossroad and like turn left so I went. Nope, there's none. I probably have misunderstood. Stupid. Okay so then from the kinda long walk, I saw a pay phone. I thought I would just call dad and ask him to pick me up. But then I got a call! From the same person and she was like, are you already riding the bus? And I reminded her that the bus left me. And she was like, IT COMES AT "SICHIJIJUGOHUN" (sound alike? not?) 7:15!!! WHERE ARE YOU? And I was like running for my life. When I checked the time, as if destiny's been playing with me, it was 7 freaking 14. And then it happened. I saw the bus leaving me. I actually tried to wave at the driver but I am assuming he didn't see. I curse one passenger though because I caught her eyes looking at me for like 5 good seconds whilst I was waving. Or she's probably shy to tell the driver. But still! Okay so long story short, I missed the bus for the second time. I got a call from that person again and asked me if I was able to catch the bus. NO. And she was like, WHAT TO DO? She probably thinks I'm stupid (but yes I was) and asked me to go to the same bus stop and NOT MOVE. Hahaha. She said she'll ask one more bus to come. I seriously didn't move (much) and waited for more than an hour before the last bus came. 

While riding the bus, I realized how stupid I was. But then so glad that I would be going home. My host mom also called me and had a good laugh with me on what happened. The agency woman called me and asked if I was able to ride the bus. AT LAST! She was like so patient and kind and so helpful. She asked me to be always careful of the time! Well, yeah! Thank you onesan! I hope Brazil gains zillions this World Cup! But then I remember there's this btchy Brazilian grandma at work who complains like there's no tomorrow. You're in my country!! Well. 

A follow up update though, the bus came at 7:19 the next day. If that happened that day, I would have been able to go home safe and sound. Unlucky. Just unlucky. 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

It's not COOL to be a Stalker!

feel kind of lost yet again. I hate this kind of feeling you know. But then again, who wakes up in the morning and look forward to feeling lost, right? I just think that as I grow older, I feel lost the more, you know. On a perfect world, you should be able to find yourself as you age but this world I think is not that kind of world. That's why there are a lot of point in our lives when we can attach the word -crisis. Mid-life, mid-twenties, mid-thirties, mid-fourties, and so on! So I guess I'm not alone. But also, there are different types of crisis. So I don't know if feeling lost is something they are not actually going through and you know, stuff like that. Stuff that only consumes my time and mind. One of that is considering moving to Tokyo. That's actually mild. On a more wilder side of things, I'm considering moving to the United States. But not like anytime soon. Pero you know! Those kind of things I think about. I will lean towards the positive side though! All is well. I think. 

Oh can I make chika na? Nothing to do with my life choices. I have been stalking someone from afar. I have been stalking someone's girlfriend. Girlfriend of a guy I used to talk to before. Talk lang naman. Well they really look happy. But I'm not really happy for them. Confirmed!! Hahaha bitter lang ang peg. E kasi naman!! Should I forget about that guy? Poproblemahim ko pa yun? But I must confess! That my loneliness! Is killing me now. Do you know I still believe? Hahaha yup! Pulling up a BRITNEY SPEARS there. But not really. Priorities!! Bahala na sila! Eto pa! You know when I see their pictures, I'd be like, BITCH! Or like, THIS BITCH! Hahaha. Just to make it clear though, I'm not miserable or something. As if naman! In fairness naman kay girl ha! I'll continue to stalk and see whether there would be a happy ending.  I'm not doing anything crazy though so I'm proud of myself for that as well. Let it be! 

So on a more positive note, as if stalking is positive, I'm starting work tomorrow!! I'm gonna work really hard! Like always! I'm actually quite proud of myself on that department. I think I work hard enough as far as work goes. That's all guys! I hope you're all having a good month and life if there's anything, let me know! See you! 

Monday, 12 May 2014

Instagram You've Possibly Missed.

Is it really just me that likes to see street flowers like these? They're such a delight! Like, I don't even know if you can call that normal but yeah. It is what it is. I actually snapped this very carefully for Japanese people kind of find it weird when you would just take random picture of something. I think. 

This!! Hahaha I know I have shared this on my blog. Please search it if you haven't seen it already. It can't be too far! :)

Favorite fruit ever!! I can eat strawberries everyday! Non-stop!! Am I alone? No, right? I don't understand why some people dislike it to be honest. 

The queen is out to play! It's been too frequent recently that we're playing and stuff and this one in particular is to celebrate my remaining days of freedom. Oh well. 

I was really too excited to see the skies like this one because you all know that it's not everyday that it looks like this, right? Or I was probably just out at the wrong time of the day always so yeah there's that. 

You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.