Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Banapple SM North

Hola guys! I just wanna share! On Christmas day, after we attended a mass at Our Lady of Hope and then we went to SM North and had lunch.

Momma orderin'
Mika and Mama
yummy cakes! :)

I don't know if it's just me but their Pasta Verde was dry as eff. I finished it though because it's in my nature to finish food but yeah. Also! Well my sister, grandma, and mom ordered a rice meal which comes with a corn side dish and it was sour! Spoiled obvi so my mom informed the waitress and she was just like "talaga ma'am" and I was like, WTF? Ano to chikahan lang? It was not a good experience but thanks to the cakes that somehow brightened my mood. 

Only me, Only you, and the Band

It's been quite a while since I last attended a Sponge Cola Christmas Party and this year's probably the last that I would be attending for years so yeah. 

Adam Levine
As per usual, the call time was seven and the program started at 10 ish. It's just like that with them. 

We were there at 7 ish and since not a lot of people were in yet, we were able to find a decent seat. But you know! I still prefer the front but yeah will work on that. Imagine! We were able to watch a Maroon 5 gig twice on that screen and still no sign of the program starting. But anyways.

The host was very nice and she was updating and checking in with us every whatever minutes so yeah. We also exchanged gifts which I was quite happy about and guess who received a gift from one of the boys? Yup yup! It was not an exchange gift though. It was a raffle draw and yeah. 

I enjoyed their performances and the boys were so makulit as usual and yeah my cousin and I had fun. We also had fun eating free food. LOL.

Pale is pale
After the party, we took pictures with the band members and yeah that's all about what happened at the party. 

That's it guys! I'll see you next time. Actually shortly after this post. 

Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy | Movie Review

So on its first showing day, my family decided it's a good idea to watch it. Well not. Anyways.

I didn't really like the movie. I guess I was expecting a little bit more from it. Like, it's quite nice for a good laugh but you know, very predictable! I guess it would have been nicer if there were other artists that played the role of the other characters but I guess that would be pointless since clearly, they thought of the concept very well. And that they clealy wanted one artist (just one artist) to do all four. 

So the story is that they are quadruplets and that they were separated by birth by the evil grandmother (father side). Then two of them were brought to the United States and then two of them stayed with the mother and stayed in the province. Then girl, boy, bakla (gay), and tomboy it is. Surprising yeah? LOL. Okay so after several years, the boy needed to have a liver transplant and for some reason, they can't find a compatible donor so they decided to reveal to their children that they're not really just twins. That like, there are really 4 of them. So after they test and stuff, the doctors said that the gay is a compatible donor and yeah. The thing though is that the gay is not okay with it. So he decided to give everyone else a hard time. At the end, he decided to give a part of his liver. It's really that predictable. 

My favorite character is Girly. I don't know. Her personality is just awesome at some point and yeah. I like that. Can I just say that for some reason, I find her gorgeous too!

It's not all negative though. I mean it's  really funny. But I guess it's not well put together. It's like "this is funny let's put it in" system and yeah. I seem to be the only one in the family to see the movie that way though. My grandma really enjoyed it. My mom thinks it's okay. And my sisters thought it's really funny. 

Monday, 30 December 2013

UST Paskuhan 2013

Hi guys! I want to share what happened during PASKUHAN! And man I tell you! It was not glamorous at all. Not pretty! Like, quite messy but fun in some ways. I have been attending Paskuhan for quite a while now and I think this is not the best that I have been. Let's start from the start. We arrived really really early for the occasion. Say, 4 pm? The Paskuhan is not until 7 so we really tried our best to beat our own record. I think our earliest time is around 5 ish. So since we were early, we decided to have merienda first. 

cousin and I
sister dear

We went to Santorini! Again, that might not be any News to you at all since you probably know by now that I love going there. Also, we had some milkshakes from Indulgence.  And then we went back to the field. I tell you it was rather a very rainy Paskuhan. Like to the point where we weren't able to use the newspapers (to sit on) I prepared. It's just a floody/muddy mess.

It all started with a mass and during the mass, I was really hoping that the rain would stop immediately. It didn't fail me. That much. It continued raining for a while after the mass and stopped for good after probably an hour.

 I really really feel so bad that we left during the mass but we didn't really mean it. We're just avoiding getting wet and probably sick. We didn't leave as in leave though. We stayed on the pavement where there are trees to shelter us sort of. 

this is all we get
And this Paskuhan is really different because there's no fireworks and stuff but the priest told us that it wouldn't be a Paskuhan without Fireworks so this happened.

Main Building is Gorgeous!

After the mass, we gladly went back on track. And what's nice in this year's Paskuhan is that there are few mono blocks and I guess we were lucky to be able to get some for ourselves. One thing I really wanted to achieve each Paskuhan is to get closer in front. Like, god knows how far we were on stage for like 4-5 years and yeah this Paskuhan is the closest we were on stage and yay for us!

this is how close we were
I would still prefer us being at the center of the field though but this is a lot better than being at the back or somewhere not in front. Quite an achievement. Can we just take a moment and appreciate the beautiful but awkwardly positioned chandelier.

Danita Paner
People would probably say Joyce Pring but I'd say Danita is the most gorgeous person I've seen on stage that night. Irrelevant information.

My favorite performer? RICO BLANCO! Like, it's not even debatable. He's just so good! The rest was also good but he's just the best. The performances were great! I don't have anything bad to say about the performances but man they really started too late.

 I think it's because of the rain or something but still, it was annoying. I think they started at around 8:30 and the thing is we weren't able to finish all the performances and stuff because I was expecting a 12am wrap up but this time around they still have 2 bands on queue at 1:30 in the morning. Also, they were cutting performances. I mean, the host would come out all of a sudden during a short pause thinking the performance is done but yeah I think they were rushing things already. Oh well.

who's haggard?
I have duty in the morning so we really have to go home so we did.  That's about my Paskuhan experience guys. See yah!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sassy Colors Nail Polishes

Hi guys I just want to show you what I got from the exchange gift we had at the dinner party. I told you that it was sort of a wish list process (which I hate) but yeah that's another story. I'm nonetheless thankful for what I received. The one who got my name actually went a little overboard the said price so thanks! 

I wished for nail polishes (surprise surprise) and yeah these are my new babies. 

I just thought it would be nice to have new colors for new year and stuff just to play around and color my life! For eff's sake. Don't worry I'm not gonna put these on my lips LOL. 

I really liked the gift despite me knowing what it will be but yeah it was a nice variety of colors which I like and yeah I also liked that most of the colors (if not all) are the colors that I would have picked myself. I like the baby pink shade (left) and the salmon color (right). I just think that I like subtle colors more nowadays. By the way when they asked for the wish list, I wrote ''nail polish' right? Moments later, there was a response and basically asking what color I prefer and then I replied 'except black/white'. Okay. 

I'm really intrigued by their color change thing and I can't wait to see what the fuss is all about or if there's any. I will observe therefore next time. So that's it guys! By the way my mom kept one bottle herself. LOL. Bye! 

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Office Christmas Party

This might be a little boring but I just want to share with you guys our little Christmas Party. Mostly pictures because I don't really have much to share well except for a crazy taxi ride on our way there. As I was saying guys, we rode a taxi from the City Hall to the venue and although it was a struggle to find one that would lead us to the place, we managed to ride one but this is what happened. Let's just start this blog with a picture for featured photo's sake. LOL.

So I am quite familiar to the place since we've been dining around the area quite occasionally and this taxi driver agreed to take us to the place, right? He was going to the right direction at first and I actually kind of remember the exact place of the venue but when he passed by that place, I was like, okay, maybe I was wrong and then he went straight somewhere and I was like, bitch wait! I asked the driver ever so politely if he thinks we already passed by the place and he was like " where are we going again?" and I was like, somebody stop me! LOL. 

who run the world?

It's probably a tactic. He probably thought we don't know where we're going and he's gonna roam around so that the charge meter would go higher and stuff. So that's the story folks. Anyways. It was relatively a short night. We basically had dinner. But they did give the 13th month pay that time which was unannounced and they said it would be given some other day so that was a surprise. 

Photo bombing fail (sort of)
giving my gift
receiving my gift 
Also, we exchanged gifts which was also a highlight. I mean, we have wish-lists though. I don't like the idea of wish listing. It's like having someone buy something for you. Why don't you just buy it yourself then? I know it's a guarantee that you'll like the gift but the essence of giving is lost along the process. Somebody stop that shit. Okay that's all I have for this post guys! Expect a lot more Christmasy thing and yeah see yah! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas in Less than an Hour

Merry Christmas guys! I wish you all a merry merry Christmas and I want to thank you all for being a part of this season's happiness and like read the stuff I'm putting on and making me happy. Thank you to my friends and my family who's always by my side to support me. I really appreciate it. The only wish I have this Christmas is for my family and friends to be safe wherever they go and healthy in general. Health is wealth I tell you. But health and wealth wouldn't hurt either LOL. 

This season, we should not forget to thank Christ for everything and we should not forget to give back to him. Because it's not all about the presents and stuff (although partly it is), it's about celebrating the simplicity of Christ's birth. And him being a present to his parents and a present to us in general. So yeah. Again, Merry Christmas from me to you! May all of your wishes come true! (not the bad ones)  

Sunday, 22 December 2013

December Dramuh slash Life Update

Hola guys I just want to share some stuff with you. December is almost coming to an end. And I guess it's correct because come on we're like done with the half of it so yeah. I'm actually pretty impressed that I somehow accomplished to do things that I want to do so far. Well except quite a lot still but that's like besides the point.

With my remaining months in the country, I feel like I want to spend it with friends and family more than other things. But making time for it is kind of a problem because I intend to work up my last day here so let's just hope that it would be my off. As if. 

So yeah nothing really special and oh by the way, I feel the need to share that we didn't light up our Christmas Lights at home. I don't know what the deal is but yeah I'm kind of sad but at the same time okay with it in a sense that we're saving and that we're helping Mother Earth. Whatevs.

I got the most painful cut of my life. I mean quite literally but a little bit of exaggeration as well. It's the most painful cut I got for a long time I guess. And I'm not really looking forward to experience this again because you know I remember acquiring this and I literally probably stained half the paper that did this damage. And I was like, what the heck happened?

This month, I finished a Doritos in one sitting. I don't know if it's wrong or anything but I like rewarding myself with food. No regrets.

I'm just happy to see things this December. Like this icy festive serum tubes. Part of the job is that after duty we have to dispose the serum tubes from last week out of the freezer and it's not usually like this so I thought it would be nice to take a picture because it's like a mini wonderland. Yeah.

Also, I want to share you this latest group picture with my lab mates. There's one more of us but he's out of the frame so yeah. 

Lastly, I think the sky is most beautiful this December because people around me might have noticed this but I'm always looking up the sky quite a lot and I just think that the formation of the clouds this year is just lovely. I don't have anything against December at all so far and yeah talk to you again soon! :))  

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Easy Coffee Lip Scrub | DIY Recipe

Hey guys I just want to share this quick and super easy beauty D.I.Y to you. So yeah lately, my lips have been reacting weird to the weather and so yeah it's like loosing it's glow and stuff. LOL. But yeah my mom and cousin would constantly notice that my lips are always pale and yeah. 

So basically you'll need coffee, sugar, and honey. Three ingredients that would help you achieve a better looking lips. Or like softer lips whatever.

If you don't know already, coffee is an anti-oxidant that might help get rid off the toxins and some other bad stuff. You know! :) honey is a moisturizer that will help your lips come back to its glory after the sugar do the job of exfoliating the dead skin on the lips. Well that's about all you need, right?

There's really no proper way of making this scrub. Just mix all the ingredients and you're good to go! Pretty much. Anyways.

The way I did it is that I added more sugar after mixing all the ingredients just to make sure that there's gonna be a more gritty texture and like the milder texture so yeah. You don't want to add in too much honey because that's gonna ruin the mixture pretty much. Honey here serves as the base as well so you just want to have enough for the coffee and the sugar to have something to stick to. 

So that's it guys! I hope you find this post helpful and if you have recipes to share, please let me know! So yeah, until then. See yah! :)
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.